LUNGU ALLERGIC TO ORDER, DECENCY…his ascension to the leadership of PF was ‘by count of pangas’ – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says President Edgar Lungu is allergic to order and decency because he is a product of chaos.

Sejani said President Lungu’s ascension to the leadership of PF at Mulungushi in Kabwe was “by the count of pangas.”

Commenting on last Friday and Saturday’s events in which chaos reigned in Sesheke as police officers ‘went berserk’ firing gun shots and throwing tear gas at UPND supporters, Sejani accused President Lungu of unleashing a reign of terror in his desperate attempt to hold on to power.

“We have had enough of this nonsense for far too long. All politicians deserve space in this country to operate without hindrance. This country is not yours alone,” he charged.

Sejani noted that in this year’s budget there is a big allocation to police and the army.

He said the opposition raised eyebrows in Parliament about that allocation since Zambia was not at war nor was there an imminent military threat to her.

“Now we know why! It is very much in evidence in Sesheke. Lungu knew all along why he made that allocation. Because of the social, economic and political havoc he has unleashed on Zambians he knew that they were bound to react sooner or later. So he needed to be with a ruthless crackdown [squad] on his people,” he observed. “Lungu also knows that he cannot win an orderly, clean, free and fair elections. He has never done that in his life any way. His ascension to the leadership of PF at Mulungushi [in Kabwe] was by the count of pangas. Lungu will, therefore, not easily and willingly give up a system that has served him so well in the past, no matter how barbaric it is. What is happening in Sesheke is shocking. What message is Lungu sending to the Zambians? Is he replacing the BALLOT with the BULLET in our elections? Is this the reason why he is avoiding the dialogue? He knows that dialogue will bring decency in the conduct of national affairs. He is allergic to order and decency. He is a product of chaos. Lungu is mistake, however. If he thinks that he will quieten Zambians by this repression, I want to tell him that I have a few history books I can give him for lessons. Today he can beat, maim, suffocate us with teargas and even kill us, but the day to account for all these atrocities is surely coming.”

Sejani said Zambians were mourning for their children who were being maimed and killed by President Lungu’s unprofessional police or “PF thugs dressed in police uniform.”

“We are mourning Glazier Matapa, Chibulo Mapenzi, Vespers Shimunzhila to mention a few. We are still counting our losses, injuries and possible deaths in Sesheke’s Mkomba ward, Lundazi’s Anoya Zulu ward and many other places,” he said. “Zambians are crying because the economy is biting amidst corruption and reckless government expenditure. Zambians are telling Lungu to stop instigating by-elections, stop over-taxing citizens to pay for his incompetence and extravagant lifestyle. Stop unnecessary foreign travel such as the recent one by [first lady] Esther Lungu where she took along with her BEDMAKERS. Have foreign hotels stopped employing room attendants?”

Sejani asked the PF administration to stop overpricing contracts such as the Michael Chilufya Sata Toll Plaza, “a mere road block for all practical purposes, to cost US$4.7 million!” “Stop buying luxury state-of-the-art jet because we’ve more pressing needs. Your government shockingly procured 42 Fire tenders at a million dollars each when the actual price is 250,000 dollars each. At 250,000 dollars we should have procured 168 tenders in total, enough for all our districts in Zambia plus change for our bigger cities and towns,” he said. “As it were only 42 came, meaning 126 or equivalent was stolen. Zambians have sacrificed all they have. The only thing they have left is their impoverished lives. To ask them to continue sacrificing is to ask them to sacrifice the only thing they have, their lives. Let those still having items to sacrifice do the sacrifice. Those in government with fat salaries, corruptly obtained wealthy can be sacrificed.”

Sejani said foreign travel could be done away with and nobody would die.

“This is what Zambians are complaining about! This is what is making Lungu unpopular. It is not Hakainde Hichilema. Address the issues Zambians are raising instead of raising allocation to police for purposes of procuring more teargas,” said Sejani. “You are not even concerned about the general welfare of the policemen at all. The killing of Hakainde will not solve your problems but compound them immediately.”

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