PF is on its way out, says Kalaba

(By Chambwa Moonga in Mbala)

HARRY Kalaba says the ruling PF is now water under the bridge.

Kalaba, the opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, said the PF was on its way out.

He made the remarks after opening the Mbala district DP office on Sunday afternoon.

Kalaba told the DP leadership in Mbala district to be strong and “not even worry about the PF at all.”

“The PF is on its way out. Don’t worry about those that are going out [but] worry about what people are expecting of us in the near future. The PF is water under the bridge now and here I don’t even see PF anymore. They can organise one or two people to destabilise our party but it won’t go anywhere,” Kalaba said.

He indicated that he felt “very great” that the DP had finally opened an office in Northern Province, Mbala in particular.

“This goes to show that the Democratic Party is growing every day at break-neck speed. I want to congratulate the leadership of Mbala for putting up such a splendid organisation that we can, in a short space of time, have our office opened. That is very commendable! It simply means that we are setting a footprint in Mbala, which is irreversible,” Kalaba observed.

“So, keep it up and this is the way it should go. I’m appealing to every member of our party across the breadth and width of this country to emulate the good works that are happening here in Mbala. I can see that the party here is growing rapidly.”

Kalaba pointed out that Mbala was one of the areas that was struggling with luck.

He explained, with regret, that the PF government had condemned people in Mbala to live without any practical economic blueprint.

“Here in Mbala the youths are not employed, the women are not empowered, farmers have not yet received their fertiliser and they have not yet received payments from FRA (Food Reserve Agency). How are they going to do their farming?” Kalaba bemoaned.

“It is sad and we should all work together and ensure that we stop these bad habits of the Patriotic Front. All they (PF) want is to take us backwards but we can’t go on that trajectory anymore. What we need is to bring Mbala to where it should be; Mbala is blessed with water, with good soils, with a lot of human capital. [But] what we don’t have is a government that is able to work and to ensure that the people are helped in this area.”

Kalaba further pledged that once he becomes Republican President, he would ensure that “Mbala be what it deserves to be in the northern circuit.”

“Mbala is supposed to be a tourist town of Northern Province. [But] it’s not! There is nothing to talk about here in Mbala. All you can see in Mbala is poverty left, right and centre. We have youths who are energetic but cannot work because there are no industries. These bad habits are coming to an end!” Kalaba said.

Earlier in the day, Kalaba went to console chief Zombe of the Mambwe people, within Mbala district.

Zombe lost his wife last week on Friday.

On his way to the chief’s palace, Kalaba momentarily stopped in one of the villages to talk about agriculture-related matters with some villagers who were found weeding in a maize field.

Meanwhile, Kalaba prayed at Mbala African Methodist Church where he hailed the Church as one that stood for truth, the underprivileged and for justice.

“Be praying for me so that even as God exalts me to the presidency, I shouldn’t forget where I’m coming from,” Kalaba told congregants.

On his way from Mbala to Kasama on Sunday evening, Kalaba interacted with roadside marketeers in Senga Hill.

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