We’ve defeated the tyrant – UPND

(By Edwin Mbulo in Sesheke)

WE defeated the tyrant in the name of Edgar Lungu and his minions, says UPND national youth chairperson Likando Mufalali.

And Mazabuka member of parliament Garry Nkombo, who is also UPND elections chairman, has warned President Lungu that everything

has its own time and that his time will soon come for him to feel the wrath of the law.

Meanwhile, newly elected Sesheke member of parliament Romeo Kangombe says his victory is an epicentre of the revolution that will sweep through Zambia.

Speaking after the returning officer Joseph Kanyemba declared Kangombe as dully elected using provisional results from 35 polling centres out of 43 which saw the UPND candidate poll 7,768 against the PF’s Dean Masule’s 3,297, Mufalali said the people of Sesheke had spoken loudly and clearly through the ballot box.

Mufalali, who was Kangombe’s campaign manager, said Sesheke residents had rejected the PF government.

PAC and UPPZ also contested the elections through Charity Muhau and Victor Kalimukwa who provisionally polled 137 and 141 respectively.

The Sesheke by-election results were declared after Nkombo reminded the returning officer that by law he could declare a winner even before the polling station results were tabulated as long as their

results would not have any impact on the final outcome.

“We appeal to all Zambians to bring to an end the intimidation that President Lungu wants to bring to the people of this country. We will not allow a tin-pot dictator to take hold of this nation,” Mufalali said. “Sesheke has taken the lead in ensuring that a tin-pot dictator such as Edgar Lungu does not have a place in this nation.”

He said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had braved the brutality exerted on him by the PF regime.

Mufalali said the UPND victory had not been an easy one adding that together with the people of Sesheke they managed to defeat President Lungu.

“We defeated the tyrant in the name of Edgar Lungu and his minions. He and his minions don’t mean well for this country and if we don’t

stand up against his tyranny, he will suppress us, he will torture us and do all sorts of things,” said Mufalali.

And Nkombo said if President Lungu does not know what the police do, he should call for a meeting with the UPND so that they can explain to


“Let’s talk about it, let us find a moment and talk about it,” he said.

Nkombo said the Sesheke by-election had been won against all odds as the people had been subjected to teargas for breakfast, lunch and supper.

“President Lungu, with due respect my friend, everything has its own time. Your time may be now, but the future may not be yours. You will soon feel the wrath of the law that you are abusing,” said Nkombo. “Just remember that what has just happened today is that the people’s voice has resonated, it has come out, they wanted Romeo Kangombe.”

Meanwhile, Kangombe – who later pleaded with the UPND cadres not to spray him with powder or lift him shoulder high as he was still mourning his

father, who was buried on Monday – said his

campaign against the PF was not an easy one.

“God’s hand has been hovering above us, protecting us. Had it not been this, lives would have been lost. This victory has been made possible by the people of Sesheke who stood against police brutality and they have spoken through the ballot,” he said.

“This victory acts as an epicentre of the revolution that will expand throughout the country because people are tired of the PF government. They are tired of the government that does not take care of its own citizens. The revolution starts from here, Zambians should learn from the people of Sesheke who stood against all odds and excised their

democratic right.”

Kangombe appealed to Zambian youths not to be intimidated by the PF or the police as they did to Sesheke residents.

He commended the ECZ officials for being professional but wondered why it had taken so long for them to make a simple mathematical decision to determine who the winner was.

“Maybe there was an external hand that wanted to manipulate the elections,” said Kangombe.

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