10 yrs of PF govt is enough – Kalaba

HARRY Kalaba has cautioned Zambians not to risk another five years, from 2021 to 2026, of the PF government with its “disastrous policies.”

He notes that people are now beginning to lose interest in politics as well as faith in the politicians because they think “we are all the same” and cone could not blame them.

Kalaba, the Democratic Party (DP) president, charged that majority Zambians could not wait to vote out the PF in the 2021 general elections.

On how he was managing to mobilise the DP in the country’s northern circuit, a region said to be a stronghold for the ruling PF, Kalaba said he was enjoying support from all the 10 provinces.

“All the provinces of this country have said they cannot wait to change the disastrous policies of the PF regime. The 10 years that the PF has had in government are enough and we can’t risk another five years of the PF’s disastrous policies in government. So, everybody is ready for change and everybody is ready to welcome Harry Kalaba,” Kalaba said in an interview.

“I don’t think I have support just in Luapula and Muchinga provinces; I have support across the country. The easterners have stood up for change, Luapula has stood up for change, Northern Province has stood up for change, Lusaka has stood up for change, Southern, North-Western, Western, Central and Copperbelt provinces have stood up for change.”

He said Zambians were getting: “a raw deal of the current regime.”

Kalaba said the PF government had totally failed farmers across the country.

“The Democratic Party will ensure that we restore dignity and bring back seriousness to farming. One would have expected that a place like Mpika should have had a lot of attention but people are not seeing that,” Kalaba explained.

“The current scenario is that the people of Mpika are just escorting politicians to comfort. How can you explain the dilapidation in Chitulika village (Michael Sata’s home village)? It tells you that there is a lot of laxity on the party on the part of the leadership.”

He pointed out that the current government was more inclined to playing politics as usual, instead of going out of the ordinary.

“This is why I keep [on] inviting people to do something out of the usual because people are now beginning to lose interest in politics as well as faith in the politicians because they think we are all the same and you can’t blame,” Kalaba said, further lamenting that the PF government had been preaching lip service on the improvement of agriculture.

“First of all, in Maputo there was a SADC meeting which declared that about 17 per cent of the national budgets must be appropriated to agriculture because Africa is blessed with a lot of good soils, sunshine and water. The SADC region had come to understand that for us to move forward as a people, agriculture must be at the epicentre.”

He observed that unless the country stopped paying lip service on agriculture and begin: “helping our farmers to receive their inputs and buying their maize at an amount equivalent to their sweat, agriculture will remain a pipedream in this country.”

“I intend, as a president, to put agriculture at the epicentre of the Democratic Party’s human endeavour. The Democratic Party wants to ensure that agriculture goes to the people’s doorsteps,” said Kalaba.

“We want to ensure, as Democratic Party, that our people, those that are not employed, at least have a piece of land where they can do their farming. When you have food, your dignity is restored. Agriculture is not just a means of survival [but] it must be the mainstay, especially for us as Zambians.”

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