Lungu, don’t use my name in vain – Kambwili

DO not use my name in vain, fire Chitotela like you did to me and others, Chishimba Kambwili has told President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing the media after his court appearance in Luanshya on Wednesday in a matter where he is jointly charged with 11 AVIC International workers for unlawful assembly, Kambwili urged President Lungu to do what was expected of a man claiming to fight corruption.

“People must not be using my name to cover up their corruption, wrongdoings and decisions. My dismissal from government is water under the bridge…when a minister if found wanting today, it’s very clear worldwide what is supposed to happen. That a minister, permanent secretary, must be suspended from work or be fired, so I don’t think the reference to me by His Excellency the President [Edgar Lungu] over the request to fire Chitotela is out of this world. What is supposed to happen to Chitotela…what has happened to Emerine Kabanshi, myself, [Rodgers] Mwewa during Mr Sata’s time and many others and therefore I will not allow anybody to use my name to cover up their inefficiency,” Kambwili said.

“If one has to be fired or relieved of their duties because they are suspected to be corrupt, they must just have to be relieved of their duties. It’s about integrity that if one is facing corruption charges, they must step aside but we know what’s happening now. It’s because people want to cover their corruption…it’s Animal Farm and must not be encouraged. Mr Lungu please, stop using my name is vein.”

He said it was very wrong for a Head of State to keep a minister, who was undergoing trial for alleged corruption.

“If it were other things rather than corruption and he says ‘I cannot fire him until he is proven guilty’, we can understand but not issues of corruption. Issues of corruption must be dealt with with seriousness it deserves but on this one President Lungu has gone offside,” he said.
Kambwili urged President Lungu to do what was expected of a man claiming to fight corruption.
“It’s not too late, I am appealing to him…if you really love the people of Zambia, you are serious with the fight against corruption please help the ACC to do what they have started by relieving Chitotela of his duties. If the President is not ready to fire Chitotela, I appeal to my brother search your conscience and resign…” said Kambwili.

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