PF are above the law – Nkombo

UPND parliamentary whip Gary Nkombo says it must be known by Zambians that PF supporters are above the law in Zambia.

Commenting on scores of placard-carrying ruling PF cadres that majestically walked, without a police permit, to Parliament buildings to picket, ostensibly against ‘UPND violence’ yesterday, Nkombo observed that the behaviour of the PF was that every time they say something: “They put their foot in their mouth.”

Nkombo, who is Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament, noted that it had become clear that the police did not follow the law when it came to the mischief of PF cadres.

“Obviously, that was a subject of the public order Act where they (PF cadres) are supposed to give the seven days notice to picket. Picketing is allowed, it is within the law. They can come to picket Parliament but this is not the office for UPND! We don’t know who they were picketing, who they were demonstrating against. It would have been better if they went to State House where their boss resides to go and make that demonstration,” Nkombo said in an interview.

“I can guarantee you that if UPND decided to even follow the law by notifying [Inspector General of Police] Kakoma Kanganja that they wish to come and demonstrate within the prescribed time of the public order Act, they will be shown the door.”

He lamented that the police and its application of the law was completely segregative.

“You’ll recall that Pilato, Laura Miti…. Just a handful of guys, came to picket Parliament. [But] they were picked up like common thugs and taken to Emmasdale police. Now we have a group of people exceeding 500 and obviously, these are people who must have been sponsored by somebody senior in the party,” he said.
“So, there it is! They (the PF) have exposed themselves once again that they are above the law. Like we have said it, every dog has its day.”

And Nkombo wondered why PF cadres were demonstrating against somebody who neither lived nor worked at Parliament buildings.

“They were demonstrating against somebody who doesn’t even live here! Hakainde [Hichilema] has got nothing to do with this Parliament for now. Some placards were saying ‘HH, grow up.’ After being beaten hands down in Sesheke, they want to bring the battle now to Parliament. That’s PF for you!” Nkombo charged.

Later, Nkombo raised a point of order in Parliament, wondering whether home affairs minister and PF national youth chairman Stephen Kampyongo was in order to have allowed the cadres to go to Parliament and: “cause mayhem in disregard of the public order Act” provisions.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini reserved his ruling on the matter.

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