Zambezi Magic suspends ‘Lusaka Hustle’

MULTICHOICE Zambia says it has engaged channel provider Zambezi Magic to suspend scheduling of the Lusaka Hustle show until further notice.

Multichoice stated that it received a directive from the Independent Broadcasting Authority on February 12 to suspend the show with immediate effect for promoting “ideas and a lifestyle that the Authority does not want Zambians to be exposed to”.

“We are facilitating compliance with the directive but will follow the appeal procedure set out in the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act to get clarity on the correct interpretation of the law. We remain committed to the promotion of local content and the respect of the law,” it stated.

IBA stated that the programme promoted ideas and lifestyle that the authority was not keen Zambians to be exposed to.

And Zambezi Magic stated that following a request from Multichoice, it has temporarily suspended the show.

“We are proud to be associated with the show which aimed to bring great reality television to Zambian audiences. All our programming is rigorously checked and we are still unclear about which aspects of the show contravene Zambian law. Zambezi Magic together with the cast and crew wishes to thank our viewers for all their support and we look forward to returning to our normal scheduling soon,” Zambezi Magic stated.

Lusaka Hustle is a TV reality show on Zambezi Magic and features artist Mukuni Mulundika (Kuni), hip-hop artiste and rapper Cleo Ice Queen (Clementina Mulenga), and Thandi.

A photo that was circulating online shows Kuni in a dress and Cleo Ice Queen while Thandi is lying on what appears to be a massage bench.

Some members of the public alleged that one of the female actors remarked that ‘in this room we are three ladies’, which they say was promoting homosexuality given the presence of the man.

This prompted both the IBA and Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili to call for the halting of its airing.

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