A resistance movement to dismantle misfits is born in Sesheke – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says a resistance movement has been born in Sesheke to dismantle misfits governing Zambia today.

Commenting on the UPND victory in the Sesheke parliamentary by-election that was characterised by violence, Sejani said Sesheke voters had shown that the ballot was infinitely stronger than the bullet.

“Sesheke has shown us the way. It has shown us that the ballot is infinitely stronger than the bullet. It has shown [President Edgar] Lungu that it doesn’t pay to shoot and teargas voters and still expect their vote,” he said. “The resistance movement has been born in Sesheke; a movement to resist Lungu’s tyranny, corruption, violence and lawlessness. I urge the rest of the country to stand up – the Sesheke way – and begin the process of dismantling these misfits governing us today using the ballot whenever an opportunity occurs.”

Sejani said “somebody” must be ashamed to claim that they do not import outside thugs in by-elections “only for his cream of thugs to be apprehended a few hours later with an assortment of dangerous weapons.”

“Social media is awash with pictures of characters closely linked to the powers [that-be] inappropriately carrying and brandishing guns,” said Sejani.

“The same thugs are freely mingling with the police. Where are we taking this country kanshi? They say insoni ebuntu (feeling ashamed is part of humanity)! If you have no shame you are not a human being at all.”

On Voting day in Sesheke, police battered PF cadres who were armed with machetes and other offensive weapons. Reports from Sesheke indicate that the cadres had been daring and taunting police to have failed them in the by-election and asking them to step aside so that they do their work.

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