There’s nothing wrong with MPs’ walk out – Mutati

FORMER works and supply minister Felix Mutati says there is nothing wrong with members of parliament walking out of the House in protest because it was within their rights.

He also says “mine for now is to deliver, let us not talk, Kukambakamba unganame.”

Mutati, commenting on the opposition MPs walk out in protest against housing and infrastructure development minister Ronald Chitotela’s continued stay in office while in court facing corruption charges, said even the PF at some instances walked out of the House in protest.

“There is nothing strange about this mode of behaviour, it won’t be the first time that the opposition has walked out of Parliament. Even the PF, when they were in opposition, they walked out of Parliament many times,” he said. “If people don’t agree with an issue, they are at liberty to exercise their choice and that is what Parliament is all about, exercising the choice that you want. So let us not be so pedantic about the walk out because every party in the life of Parliament has walked out once or twice.” Mutati said the basis of any walk out “is whether or not you agree with the issues”.

“The basis of a walk out is whether or not you want to exercise your parliamentary rights, that is a privilege, which you can’t deny any member of parliament,” he explained.

And addressing Chawama Gym members after he had a morning training session at the facility yesterday morning, Mutati said training could help keep the nation fit and healthy.

He said engaging in the gym kept youths away from the vices of drug abuse and bad behaviour.

“Training is good fun. This morning we have had fun, we are starting the day energetic and with zero stress. Let us build Zambia through training, let us have a fit Zambia, good health is beyond training. It’s having a good mindset, having a positive attitude and it begins here. Good behaviour begins here with you guys,” Mutati said.

“When you train you avoid alcohol, when you train you avoid bad behaviour and you show people good examples. I am happy that you start training as early as 04:30. I saw your friends and at 06:00 hours they are already drinking beer,” he said. “That is creating a hopeless Zambia, let us use the gym as the beginning, you may think that this gym is crude but that does not matter. What matters is happiness, look at your bodies, built from this very small gym. From now on, I will be your patron, we will be training together and so manager I handover a treadmill to add to the various items that you have got.”

Mutati tasked the gym to also engage females in keeping fit.

“What I want is to work and not just talk. In fact, when I come back next time, let me find ladies also taking part in training and keeping fit. Mine for now is to deliver, let us not talk, kukambakamba unganame [talking too much, you can lie],” said Mutati.

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