Judge sentences Nyimba man 49 to death by hanging for murder

THE Chipata High Court on Saturday sentenced a 49-year-old village game scout of Nyimba district to death by hanging for murder.

Lusaka judge Gertrude Chawatama, who was sitting in Chipata, passed the verdict on Gilbert Daka of Malata village in senior chief Luembe’s area.

Facts of the matter were that Daka murdered Arnold Nzimu of the same area on August 3, 2017.

Daka is said to have kicked Arnold in the abdomen when he was trying to stop a fight between the deceased and his in-laws.

After being kicked, Nzimu was taken to the hospital where he revealed that Gilbert had killed him before his demise.

Two postmortems were done on the deceased with the first one indicating that he died of natural causes while the second done after the body was exhumed indicated that he was hit by a blunt object.

Judge Chawatama said all the ingredients of murder were established before sentencing Daka to hang.

“I sentence you to death, that you should be hanged until pronounced dead, may the Lord have mercy on your soul,” she said.

In another case, judge Chawatama said ruled that Boyd Longwe’s jail sentences would run concurrently and not consecutively as ordered by the Petauke subordinate court.

Longwe had appealed against the sentence by the lower court.

In the first count the inmate who was convicted for theft was sentenced 24 months, in the other three counts of burglary and theft Longwe was sentenced 36 months in each of the counts that were to run consecutively bringing the aggregate jail sentence to 11 years.

Longwe committed the offences in July 2017.

Gilbert Mtonga of Lundazi was sentenced to three years imprisonment with hard labour after being convicted for the case of being found in possession of stolen items.

Mtonga was earlier charged with aggravated robbery but was acquitted because there was no proper identity and the evidence of the prosecution was circumstantial.

Judge Chawatama said Mtonga was guilty of being found with stolen property.

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