PF youths attempt to block new Kafue council secretary from reporting for work

(By Oswald Sichone in Kafue)

SUSPECTED PF youths in Kafue yesterday locked Kafue Civic Centre in a bid to prevent new Kafue council secretary Isaac Mwiche Mudala from reporting for work.

A check at Kafue Civic Centre around 06:30 hours found several suspected PF youths mobilising themselves.

The youths, who sung solidarity songs for former council secretary Aaron Kamalondo, denounced Local Government Service Commission chairman Amos Musonda whom they accused of transferring Kamalondo because of vested interests.

Upon arrival at the Civic Centre, the youths ordered council police who were manning the building to immediately lock the entrance of the centre and leave.

Several efforts by council police officers to challenge the youths failed as they were overpowered by the PF cadres.

The PF youths vowed not to allow Mudala to enter the building.

“We feel the transfer of Mr Kamalondo from Kafue Town Council was untimely because it came at a time he had started developing Kafue,” the PF youths said

Quick response from riot police brought the protest to an end.

District administrative officer Josephine Phiri later met the youths in the District Conference Room where the youths aired their concerns.

Calm has since been restored at Civic Centre but the youths have vowed to continue with their protest until Kamalondo is brought back to the council.

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