IT’S A JOKE…as far as the party is concerned I am still NDC consultant, declares Kambwili

INTERNAL political matters are discussed internally and anybody who goes to discuss those issues to the press is foolish was Chishimba Kambwili’s response to his expulsion by Mwenya Musenge.

And the National Democratic Congress vice-president Josephs Akafumba has declared the announced expulsion of Kambwili from the party by Mwenya Musenge is null and void.

Kambwili said it was a joke that the latter announced that he had ejected the leader of the party from the organisation.

Musenge yesterday announced Kambwili’s expulsion from the NDC, telling him to concentrate on his battles with the ruling Patriotic Front.

He said the NDC made the decision following the former information minister’s racial remarks against an Indian working for a road construction firm, a scene that was recorded and circulated widely on social media.

Musenge indicated on UNZA Radio that the NDC disagreed with Kambwili’s remarks against the suspected Indian worker.

He described Kambwili’s conduct as “making the party look like a party of jokers, we are not racist, we are not xenophobic”.

He also said the party was surprised that Kambwili had not stepped down as Roan member of parliament even after being expelled from the PF, claiming this situation was affecting the NDC’s countrywide mobilisation and recruitment of new members.

“I know he (Kambwili) will go with a lot of followers but I don’t mind as long as the right thing is done. Even if it means Mwenya Musenge remaining with only the party certificate, it is fine!” Musenge said.

He said the NDC was bigger than any individual.

“We just feel that for the time being, let us run our own affairs as a party. He will be communicated to through a central committee meeting where we will be able to meet. And for those that feel ‘no but us we want this to be this way, we want to work with Kambwili’, they are free to do that but not under the name of NDC. NDC has its own leadership and its own members. The NDC is bigger than an individual, and we expect that all those who are members of the NDC will respect the decision that has been taken and of course, we shall see how we can go about it,” said Musenge.

But in response to Musenge’s statement Kambwili said internal matters should not be discussed in public.

He further said he had not yet received a letter of expulsion from anybody.

“First and foremost, we don’t discuss internal political matters in the press. Where I am standing, nobody has served me a letter of expulsion and nobody has communicated to me, so why should we discuss internal political matters in the press?” Kambwili asked.

He further said NDC had a central committee, with working structures where issues of such nature were discussed.

“Internal political matters of political nature are discussed in internally and anybody who goes to discuss those issues to the press is foolish. I have said and I want to repeat; we don’t discuss internal matters in the press. I don’t care whether they have gone viral or whatever. And I don’t want to discuss matter pertaining to NDC because NDC has got a central committee, it has got its structure where issues are discussed. But away from NDC, have you ever seen a situation where a secretary general of an organisation…not NDC, not PF, not anything can expel the leader, what a joke!” Kambwili said.

He said Musenge was too small to destroy the NDC.

He said Musenge, whom he referred to as his friend, had been having meetings with PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri and other ruling party senior members.

He said the NDC was a strong organisation that could not be destroyed by any single individual, including himself.

“It’s beyond an individual, it’s a well structured organisation that cannot be destroyed by an individual. He has just destroyed himself,” Kambwili said. “We have known a long time that he has been speaking to PF and particularly he has been meeting Mumbi Phiri. So all this is coming from the fact that he has been planted to try and destroy NDC but NDC is bigger than an individual. That is why not even me I cannot make a decision alone to say I have fired Mwenya Musenge as consultant, even the vice-president.”

Kambwili said Musenge had just destroyed himself.

“You know the love of money is the root of all evil. Politics are for strong men because if you are weak, you can be bought and many people have fallen to PF manipulation and Mwenya is just the latest casualty, I feel sorry for him. He is a friend of mine, I have a lot of respect for him but you know money can destroy friendship,” said Kambwili. “As far as the party is concerned, I am still the consultant for NDC.”

But NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba yesterday said the purported expulsion of Kambwili from the party was null and void as it was done outside the provisions of their constitution.

Addressing the media at the party secretariat in Lusaka, Akafumba, who was flanked by deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga, said the statements made by Musenge had no support of the central committee of the party and the general membership.

He further said the expulsion of any member of the party either a consultant or agents could not and can never be undertaken by anyone individual of the party but by the resolution of the full central committee of the party.

“We have called this short briefing to address the issue that has arisen in our political party. Some of it is already in public domain. We have read in many news outlets that the consultant, Dr Chishimba Kambwili, has been expelled from the party by the secretary general,” Akafumba said.

“To the best of my knowledge and the knowledge of my colleagues, there has not been a central committee meeting held to terminate or indeed expel the consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili. Therefore, the attempt made in termination of the consultancy of Honorable C. Kambwili by the secretary general is null and void in the sense that it violates our constitution.”

Akafumba explained that the position of the party was about following the constitution to the letter and anything done outside it, as in the case of Musenge’s pronouncements, was an assault to the party “therefore, rendering such an action null and void.”

Akafumba revealed that the Patriotic Front was engineering a kerfuffle in his party.

He urged the PF to attend to matters of unemployment among the youths, which he said was a time bomb.

Meanwhile, NDC member of the Central in charge of national development and planning Franklyn Membe said it was unfortunate that Musenge had turned against his friends who trusted him.

“What I would like to state is that Honourable Chishimba Kambwili had a lot of confidence in Mr Mwenya Musenge not only as politicians but as a personal friend and what has happened, the disloyalty in biting your own friends, your friend who trusted you and then turn against him,” Membe said.

He insisted the decision to eject Kambwili from the party was not consultative and or table anywhere by the decision makers of the opposition grouping.

“And the cries of the party secretary general that Honourable Chishimba Kambwili makes decisions without consultation but I am a member of the Central Committee and I am not aware of a meeting that was called to decide the expulsion of the consultant and there is nowhere he has executive powers to dismiss the consultant…he is just one man in management. There is an executive committee, even if he doesn’t consult the central committee at least he would have consulted the executive committee so who has he consulted? He is just doing the same thing he was talking against.”

The Central Committee members further said most NDC members were in the party as followers of Kambwili.

“This is not a wise thing, it’s a loss of confidence and trust…the consultant entrusted him to run the party but has gone against it using illegal lacunas. It’s sad for NDC. I know that NDC is not dead, it will come out of this strong. I would safely say 90 per cent of people in NDC are followers of Chishimba Kambwili, he will take the day, I have no doubt,” said Membe.

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