WE will be inviting the ICC ourselves, the opposition can’t invite the ICC, and the Rome statute prescribes parties to the ICC, so those lunatics have not jurisdiction whatsoever, says Amos Chanda.

Responding to the alliance of the opposition political parties resolve to report President Edgar Lungu, his home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, PF secretary general Davies Mwila, himself and Kaizer Zulu, among others, to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, Chanda, the special assistant to the President for press and public relations, said there was no truth in the “rubbish” they uttered.

He accused the alliance of playing games saying the government would instead invite the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International.

The opposition alliance added four PF cadres namely; Eddie Gowa (alias America 1), Francis Muchemwa (alias America 2), Mpange Kachingwe, and Abel Mwale.

All these individuals, the opposition alliance contend orchestrate, sponsor and perpetrate political violence in the country.

Chairperson of the alliance Charles Milupi told a press conference at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka on Wednesday that the alliance had gathered enough evidence – of the alleged atrocities committed against the people of Sesheke during the recently held by-election – to build a solid case against President Lungu and the Patriotic Front at the Hague.

But Chanda said the alliance was playing to the gallery through news media like The Mat and News Diggers.

“We will be inviting the ICC ourselves, the opposition can’t invite the ICC. The Rome statute prescribes parties to the ICC, state parties so those lunatics have not jurisdiction whatsoever. Since they are playing games, we are going to help them to bring the ICC and also to bring the Human Rights Commission. We are calling Human Rights Commission Zambia, Amnesty International and the International Criminal Court itself,” Chanda said.

“We know them, they are just playing to the gallery to newspapers like yourselves (Mast), News Diggers and some other gullible news media. It’s a case of that foolish herd boy who cries wolf, wolf and when people go to help him, then he laughs at people who have come to rescue his animals from the Lion…he plays wolf, wolf again and he laughs at them and the third time when he cried Lion, Lion, and people didn’t come the Lion had actually come and consumed his animals and him as well.”

Chanda further threatened to institute legal proceedings against Milupi in his individual capacity for linking him to the Sesheke violence.

He rubbished the alliance as a group of dangerous and greedy, frustrated men, who could not process the result of 2016 elections three years.

“So we are going to call the ICC ourselves and we are going to ask Amnesty International…the…the allegation are outrageous in the extreme coming from a group of dangerous and greedy, frustrated men who can’t process the result of 2016 elections. Three years later they are still suspended back into 2016 so there is absolutely no truth in the rubbish they are uttering. The remarks are preposterous, individual members like the speaker, Mr Milupi, will have to personally account, particularly in my case…. There will be civil and criminal proceedings against him in his individual capacity because this so-called opposition alliance is a formless group of desperate, angry people, so it cannot…if it were not so serious this matter is completely laughable but because there are newspapers like yourselves (The Mast) we have to make sure that when you print we give you the correct version,” said Chanda.

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