Headline Matters: Peaceful war and chaotic peace

That man apologises when wrongly stepped upon is peaceful war and that he keeps quiet, no matter the mistreatment, is chaotic peace. Neither is good, albeit. So, which description fits Zambians, especially those who are kilometres apart from the echelon of the Power Fence?

Affliction has beset man since the Adam and Eve story and this biblical story is so rudimentary to every Christian. So, suffering is historical, except we can’t and shouldn’t get used to it. Man yearns for peace and abhors war. It’s understood; pain can never be something to covet. I’m mumbling! So, let me do this and here we go.

I don’t strive for neutrality in situations. It will be so stupid of me to do so! I instead strive to be inclined towards reality, no matter how ugly it may be. What reality? Portrayal of social, political and economic issues the way I see them. In this country, and probably in every other democratically struggling African country, there are people who are as valuable as gold, undeservedly so. They consume food more than others and everything else they have is more than what they need. Do such monstrosities work harder than the rest of the struggling souls? No! They are simply well positioned, closer to the Power Fence.

Nefarious clergy closer to these ‘rich’ men and women should regularly pray and fast so that the Power Fence does not collapse. If it does, congratulations to lawyers for the huge cash in. If the Power Fence remains intact, more virgin land should be found for cemeteries, especially in the country’s towns. The Power Fence inner circle is preaching double success while some apolitical long-time commercial people I know are lamenting about double failure. What’s going on? Anyway, thumbs up to the Power Fence’s ‘mighty’ men and women for their business acumen. Lol! As it is said, when the pool dries, we shall know who has been swimming stark naked! For now, it’s tick, tock, tick, tock.

The current peaceful war in the country is being taken as mere politicking. Maybe it is; I have no instrument to authenticate what it is. I have no fears about peaceful war, after all. It is chaotic peace that gives me migraines. It is trite to write that the silent population, at the moment, outnumbers those who are grumbling, usually in undertones. Why is it so, mwebantu? Could it be that majority Zambians have retreated into personal endeavours? Revolutionary Che Guevara said ‘silence is argument carried out by other means.’ So, let the silent population continue arguing with Power Fence crooks! Time for the silent population to talk, or even scream, will come. Arundhati Roy once said ‘There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’ There is no need for me to, once again, resort to electoral arithmetic, insofar as a countdown. Today is Sunday, February 24, 2019. So, do it, cherished readers.

But what really is peaceful war and chaotic peace? When the top brass is accused of corruption in a country but they have the moral support of all and sundry, amid public objection, it’s peaceful war. Chaotic peace is when hapless cops lose their jobs for tampering with pillars of the Power Fence but such loss is eclipsed by silence by people who matter. There are so many correct definitions of peaceful war and chaotic peace. I have given you a hint and you can go on and on trying this and that definition until the process leads you to defamation of the Power Fence chief.

But am I not being unfair unto the Power Fence and its supporting pillars by saying all I have said? My response is that I don’t strive for neutrality in situations. I instead strive to be inclined towards reality. To live decently, Zambians must make up their minds; sending the Power Fence to the grave or the Power Fence continuing sending them to the grave. If this is not time for soul-searching, when will it come? My Mampi, I continue looking forward to hearing from you. Hahaha!

#corruption stinks and stings the poor.

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