PF mobilising campaign funds for 2021 elections – Rainbow

EASTERN Province Rainbow Party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau says the PF is hiding development monies in readiness for 2021 elections. In interview, Nyau said there were a lot of issues that pointed to the fact that the Patriotic Front is aiming at acquiring a lot of money for the 2021 campaigns. He cautioned Zambians to mark the failures of the Patriotic Front government so that no matter how holy or clean they might try to appear in 2021, they should not be trusted.


“These issues of corruption that are being revealed in our nation is a clear sign that the PF government is accumulating a lot of wealth in readiness for 2021 elections and without a doubt, these are the monies meant for development. Look, since 2016 monies have been released for Katete – Chadiza road and other roads in the province but there is nothing being done. Truly we are made to think that something is wrong somewhere…” Nyau said.

He advised electorates not to look at a party in 2021 but the credibility of an individual standing on that party.

He said looking at a party could be very deceptive.

“The problem is that people look at a party during elections forgetting to analyse the person standing on a particular party. If we want things to be okay in our nation, there is need to scrutinise the leaders starting from a counsellor, council chairman, member of parliament and the President. Once we choose a credible leader then our nation will move in the right direction but the problem is that people look at the financial muscle of a political party and think that is leadership, no! One might have no money but if the plan and vision is based on people, that is the right leader like our leader Wynter Kabimba,” Nyau said.


And Nyau advised President Edgar Lungu to adhere to views of the civil society organisation and politicians requesting him to fire or suspend Ronald Chitotela after his arrest for allegedly concealing two plots of land in Lusaka.


Nyau said failure to act on the calls would paint his reputation in black.


“The world is wondering what is so special with Chitotela that he can’t be suspended or fired by His Excellency. This now makes people think maybe he [Chitotela] is at the heart of the President or maybe the president has a hand or link to the allegations raised against Hon Chitotela. What we want to see even us in the Rainbow is to see Chitotela fired or suspended…” Nyau said.


He said the corruption issue Chitotela is in court for is just one among many other issues in the country that need thorough investigations and culprits brought to book.


“We would like to hear a clear explanation on other projects and programmes which we can trace suspected corruption and misuse of public funds such as the issue of fire tenders, ambulances, Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway and issues of toll gates. All these need to be made clear to us the citizens and if there was misuse of public funds then whoever had a hand in them needs to be prosecuted,” said Nyau.

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