Zambia to host archery meet

ZAMBIA will host the Africa Regional Archery Championships (ARFAC) 2019 scheduled to take place in June.


Paratus has announced that it will sponsor the tournament in a bid to promote diversification in sports.


Zambia will host the championships from June 30 to July 2 in Lusaka for the first time, in an event that will also see local officials receive training for international certification for officiating at international tournaments.


“We have decided to support archery because we see many parallels with the internet service that Paratus provides. Precision and speed are key to us both; and the focus and skill required by archers is something that is close to our hearts at Paratus too,” said Paratus country manager Marius van Vuuren, according to a statement.


The 21-member Zambian archery team took the field archery community by storm in Windhoek, Namibia at the 2017 African Championships by scooping 13 medals: three gold, three silver and seven bronze medals and two new Africa records in the Junior Ladies category.


Last October, a 19-strong Zambian team attended the World Archery Field Championships (WFAC) hosted by South Africa.


A total of 497 archers representing 26 countries participated.


The Zambian team returned home after a gruelling five-day shoot where archers walked 58km and shot an average of 583 arrows. They returned with five medals – two gold, two silver and one bronze – and two new world records.


“We are committed to being active sponsors of this year’s African Regional Archery Championship because we want to make a positive impact through our investment. We believe archery plays an important role not only of uniting people but also showcasing the country as a sports destination with a diverse range of sports activities,” said Van Vuuren.


“It is also a great way of supporting government’s initiative in promoting sports diversification as well as inspire more talent and develop the sport.”

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