Do not curse your enemies – Fr Chafwa

(By Tobias Phiri in Chasefu)

KEEPING grudges only distances people from God, says Kanyanga Catholic Church parish priest Father Emmanuel Mulenga Chafwa.

During mass on Sunday, Fr Chafwa said most politicians in Zambia say bad things about each other.

“Let us learn to say good about one another. Politicians, especially during campaigns, are fond of saying all sorts of bad things against each other. I for one do not know which president is a Zambian because opponents usually have something to say about every president. [Dr Kenneth] Kaunda was accused of being Malawian, [Frederick] Chiluba, we were told he was Congolese, Rupiah [Banda] was also said to be Malawian. These are what we need to deal with,” Fr Chafwa said.

“Love your enemies, do not curse them even when they do bad to you. Pray for them, I know it is not easy but holding grudges against those that have done bad against you only distances you away from God.”

He said former works and supply minister Felix Mutati’s ability to work under President Edgar Lungu was a sign of willingness to work for the people.

“A good example of selfless leadership that I can give is that of Mr Mutati. I am not campaigning but the facts are that after the 2016 elections, President Lungu asked Mr Mutati to work with him and he accepted despite him also being a president of a political party. That is putting the people first before self. That is having a heart for the people,” said Fr Chafwa.

Mutati heads a faction of the MMD.

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