Kapoche headmen back Caritas Chipata’s view on ‘absentee’ MPs


SEVERAL village headmen in Kapoche Constituency of Sinda district have supported Caritas Chipata’s recent observation that some members of parliament in Eastern Province are not active.


In an interview after a short meeting with Kapoche member of parliament Charles Banda at Nyamyuma Primary School where he met constituency officials, headman Nyamtuma Phackson Njobvu said members of parliament like Banda were not active because he had not been to Nyamtuma area since 2016 campaigns.


He said Banda had disappeared until now.

Njobvu said the area had no health post, no electricity at the school and a deplorable road.

“What Caritas Chipata said it is true because most MPs in Eastern Province don’t work. After the 2016 elections they went to Parliament, that was the end. We never saw him (Banda) until today and this troubles us a lot,” he said. “For us to confirm that the MP is working, we need to see Nyamtuma health post opened, we want to see Nyamtuma School connected to the power grid. We want to see bad roads being worked on because this is what they promised. We built the school so that government can help us but all in vain. Teachers are in short supply in schools and government is quiet and how can we be happy?”


Njobvu called on Banda to draw a programme to visit headmen who can guide him on the best route to take because 2021 was near and that headmen had the power to guide their subjects on whom to vote for.


“Now this is 2019 and we don’t see any development here in chieftainess Nyanje. We want to ask our MP to ensure he meets village headmen regularly as the custodians of the people but unfortunately they like meeting civil servants always,” he said. “It’s sad that we are not considered to be important but time is almost there. We will see where they will land on. We are the ones that keep people and we can tell people whom to vote for based on respect, morals and competence of the particular person.”

Njobvu also advised President Edgar Lungu to take time to visit rural areas to see for himself how people are struggling.

Another headman, Kambiri Arock Mwanza, said Kapoche was facing many challenges.


“From 2016, the member of parliament has not met the people nor us, so to be frank, our MP is among those observed to be not active and not doing well. Let Mr Banda put much effort in the area of health post and other problems people encounter. He should also be mindful of who elected him to avoid things becoming hard to his side,” said Mwanza.

But constituency chairperson Dr Bvulani Banda said those accusing Banda of not working were liars who might want the legislator to visit their homes and not the communities.

He said Banda visits the constituency almost every month.


“Those saying he is not working are liars. The jealousy people who maybe want him to visit their homes, but as far as we know, he has done a lot in this constituency starting from boreholes to churches. Even today he donated K1,500 to Chassa Catholic Church from his pocket. He is always in the constituency and those saying he is not seen have their own agenda,” said Banda.


Constituency secretary Stephen Tembo said Banda constructed a bridge in Kasomekera, drilled boreholes in nearly every ward, and had facilitated the coming of the World Bank to work on some roads in the constituency.


Last week, Banda challenged Caritas Chipata to single out members of parliament who were not active and further challenged them to visit Kapoche and point out where he had not worked.

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