Venezuela is Africa’s battlefront, says Socialist Party


(By Special Correspondent in Venezuela)

COSMAS Musumali says Socialist Party (Zambia) considers Venezuela as Africa’s battlefront against imperialism and capitalism.

And India’s Vijay Prasad says the attack on Venezuela has nothing to do with concerns of democracy and humanitarianism but about the fight between imperialism and socialism.

During the International People’s Assembly taking place in Caracas, Venezuela from February 24 to 27, Dr Musumali pledged that progressive forces on the continent would stand up and fight to the very end in Venezuela.

“To the people of Venezuela, your struggle is also our struggle. For over 500 years, the African continent has suffered under imperialism, under capitalism, we know what suffering means. It is unacceptable that in the 21st century there are powers and authorities that think the resources of a country do not belong to the people in those countries,” said Dr Musumali at a post-Assembly press briefing held here. It’s unacceptable that you can actually do away with the people’s wish. People vote for a leader and you want to unconstitutionally throw away that leader. It’s unacceptable that billions of dollars of a country’s wealth are being stolen while we are watching.”

Dr Musumali said the Socialist Party (Zambia), which was also represented at the International People’s Assembly by the Socialist Youth League of Zambia (SYL), and other progressive forces from the continent, were in Venezuela to declare their undying commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution.

“Venezuela is not for sale and Venezuela is not going to be sold. We are here to declare our 100 per cent commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution. If the Bolivarian Revolution falls, it means the entire humanity is going to fall,” said Dr Musumali. “For us from Africa today, Venezuela is our battlefront. It is a battle not just for the Bolivarian people, it’s also our battle. We want the imperialist powers to know that they are not just fighting the Venezuelans. They are fighting all progressive humanity. And we will stand up and fight to the very end.”

And addressing a packed auditorium at the opening of the International People’s Assembly in Caracas on Monday, Prasad said capitalism was not about lifting the poor people out of poverty but that it was about the power of the ruling class to determine every aspect of social life.

“This attack on Venezuela has very little to do with concerns of democracy or humanitarianism. It has everything to do with the…fight between imperialism and socialism, not only in Caracas but also in Washington DC,” Prasad said. “Donald Trump said something bizarre. He defines socialism but his definition of socialism sounded exactly like the Marxist definition of a capitalist society. Now, I am going to quote from Donald Trump and you will all see that Donald Trump is a very good sociologist of capitalism.”

He said amidst laughter that according to Donald Trump, capitalism was not about lifting up the poor.

“It’s about only one thing, power for the ruling class and the more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run healthcare, run transportation and finance, run energy, education, run everything. They want the power to decide who will win and who loses, who is up and who is down, what’s true and what is false and even who lives and who dies,” Prasad continued. “This is Donald Trump. He is right. Capitalism seeks to abolish all areas of social life and concentrate them into commodities. Water must be bought and sold, medicines must be bought and sold, and education must be bought and sold. That is the essence of capitalism.”

On February 23, exactly a month after Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, declared himself ‘interim president’ and got immediate backing from the Donald Trump U.S. administration, people across the globe mobilised a ‘NO WAR FOR OIL’ international campaign in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and to oppose the growing imperialist threats of intervention and war.

More than 100 cities worldwide held actions last Saturday, on a day marked by struggle to defend Venezuela both inside the country and around the world.

“Massive demonstrations in Venezuela have shown that the majority of the people support Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution. As it becomes clearer each day that the coup attempt has failed and lacks popular support, the desperation of the opposition and the imperialist forces that are their primary source of support grows. This is demonstrated by the increasingly hostile statements made in recent days by U.S. President Donald Trump, Senator Marco Rubio, U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, U.S. envoy Elliot Abrams, and others who are determined to reopen Venezuela’s vast oil and natural wealth to plunder by Wall Street,” an online statement reads. “The corporate media is working overtime to build the case for more deadly sanctions and direct military intervention. The “Venezuela Live-Aid” planned for [last] Friday evening on the Colombia-Venezuela border by English billionaire Richard Branson is a critical piece of the war propaganda blitz that every major newspaper and TV station is readily pushing forward. In Venezuela, a ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ concert is planned for the Venezuelan side of the border that same evening, and more popular mobilisations are planned throughout the country during the weekend.”

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