Kafue police arrest nephew for killing uncle over cigarette

(By Oswald Sichone in Kafue)

POLICE in Kafue have arrested a man of Zambia Compound only identified as Mudenda for killing his uncle, also of the same area, over a cigarette.

Police sources and some relatives to the deceased confirmed the development.

Relatives who preferred not to be named said the incident happened when Mudenda, who used to stay in the same house as the deceased, Maybin, bought a stick of cigarette worth 50n and told his uncle to smoke first and later leave some of it for him but Maybin ended up smoking the whole stick, a thing which annoyed Mudenda who then beat his uncle to death.


“What transpired exactly is that Mudenda got one cigarette stick for 50ngwee and told his uncle Maybin to smoke first and then leave some for him, but because of Maybin’s great desire for cigarettes, he smoked the whole cigarette. This angered his nephew, Mudenda, who then picked a plunk which had some nails on it and started hitting his uncle until he died,” the relative said.


And in a similar incident, police in Kafue have also arrested a woman of Kasengele for killing her husband using a pounding stick.

Sources say the woman hit her husband using a mortar after a marital dispute.

Efforts to get a comment from Kafue Police Officer-In Charge Jason Lungu failed by press time.

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