Seek God corruption fight – SA accountant General

CORRUPTION destroys good governance, it overrides legislations and all legal frameworks, says South Africa’s Accountant General Zanele Mxunyelwa.

Mxunyelwa says Africa needs political appetite to fight systematic corruption which is affecting service delivery.

Speaking in a thematic session on Public Finance Management at the on-going 26th East and Southern African Association of Accountants General at Avani Hotel on Tuesday, Mxunyelwa said African leaders must seek the face of God in the quest of fighting corruption.

“I have a quotation I want you to always read: ‘The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender,’ Proverbs 22:7….corruption overrides legislations, it overrides all legal frameworks and the question is always, where were the accountants?” she said. “When corruption comes, it destroys everything that is supposed to lead to good governance, when it comes it cuts off our heads. We need service

delivery but we can’t manage it because we are already dead, we are in the grave yard.”

Mxunyelwa said corruption must not only be fought at lower level but also at political leadership levels so as to attract the trust of donors.

“We have to reform accounting standards so that we follow the money whereever it goes,” she said.

Mxunyelwa said issues of corruption must be an issue of the heart.

“It does not matter what qualifications that you have, you can be a doctor or whatever, hence we need to cleanse ourselves and go back to our roots of fearing God, so that we understand that when handling people’s money it is not our money,” said Mxunyelwa. “We must be thinking of that old lady that is waiting for her pension…and not think that we will allow that money to be taken by people who are already rich. We must have politicians that are committed to service delivery of each country and not enriching themselves, and not to be a gum tree, meaning to have it all. If we continue without a political appetite to deal with corruption, we are breading more of criminals who will need the same things we need…these riches that we need, these cars that we are buying that are expensive, which money we should have used for service delivery.”

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