PF petitions Sesheke seat

PATRIOTIC Front losing candidate in the Sesheke Constituency by-election Dean Masule has petitioned the election of UPND’s Romeo Kangombe in the Lusaka High Court.

Masule wants the court to declare null and void the election of Kangombe because of electoral malpractices.

In the petition, Masule has alleged that Kangombe was not duly elected because the election was characterised with malpractices such as violence and intimidation.

Masule stated that UPND used various weapons such as axes and iron bars to attack the PF members.

He alleged that the actions by the UPND cadres prevented the people of Sesheke Constituency from voting for a candidate of their choice.

He submitted that the levels of violence were so high that they were even acknowledged in the Conflict Management meeting which was attended by Southern Africa Centre for Conflict of Resolution and Dispute (SACCORD) and others.

Masule also alleged that Kangombe was quoted by News Diggers newspaper as having admitted that the election was not free and fair due to violence.

He said as a result of the violence, a number of PF members were injured and admitted to the hospital.

Masule further alleged that the UPND cadres attacked PF camps on many occasion citing an incident where a PF camp was allegedly attacked and its member beaten by UPND members.

He added that there were threats issued on people, including the district electoral officer, who ran away from the area.

“The district election officer and Sesheke town clerk and council secretary Emmanuel Silanyika continued to be under guard until after the elections,” Masule stated.

Masule is also seeking costs and incidentals for the proceedings and any other relief the court may deem fit.

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