M’membe asks Zambian Observer to observe and report truth

SOCIALIST Party deputy secretary general Dr Fred M’membe has asked the Zambian observer to observe clearly and report truth.

In a statement, Dr M’membe stated that for some time now, The Zambian Observer had carried articles crediting them to him, which he had not written.

He called the development “strange but worrying pattern”.

“Until now, I have not complained about the Zambian Observer’s knack for publishing falsehoods under my name. We had hoped their figment of imagination would have an end!” he stated.

“But their propensity to slander me is getting out of hand. The Zambian Observer’s conduct is not a mistake. It is a premeditated activity whose motive they themselves know. It’s not just unprofessional, unethical but it’s both immoral and dirty. It cannot continue. Don’t go all the length to destroy the noble platform and profession of journalism because doing so will rob the human race greatly.”

Dr M’membe stated that he has not authored the article circulating in the Zambian Observer under the headline: A Must Read: Fred M’membe voices out.”

“We urge the Zambian Observer to observe clearly and report truth. It doesn’t hurt to cultivate news and inform our citizens but please don’t use my name for the sake of your circulation and capital,” stated M’membe.

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