Malaria cases remains high in Rufunsa – Dr Chongo


(By Melony Chisanga in Rufunsa)

MALARIA remains a challenge with a recorded 226 cases per 1,000 inhabitants in Rufunsa, says Rufunsa District Health director Dr Emmanuel Chongo. During the handover of the refurbish Nyamphande Rural Health Post in Rufunsa district on Saturday, Dr Chongo said quality health service as close to the people was achievable through public-private-partnership. He said government takes pleasure when private partners give a helping hand that supplements its efforts.


Muluba Rotary Club renovated the Nyamphande Rural Health Post.


“In line with Ministry of Health mission of providing quality health service as close to the people as possible, the government takes pleasure when partners provide us such as infrastructure projects. Because in doing so, we are actually achieving the mission of us providing that good health service delivery to our people as close to their houses,” Dr Chongo said. “I should mention that the community of Nyamphande used to trek about 18 kilometres to our next health facility which is Mulamba and 17 kilometres going west to Kanyongoloka. So with this gesture, it is going to help our community very much.”


He said Nyamphande community has a catchment population of over 3,000 people.


“So we can see the impact of having such a structure like this. I should also mention that as a district we have been experiencing a lot of malaria,” Dr Chongo said. “We had an incidence of 260 cases per 1,000. So you can see the magnitude of malaria cases we are having in the community. So with such a structure it is going to help us as a district to ensure that we reach out to our communities in their vicinity.”


He said the government was ready to provide qualified health workers and medicine to the refurbished health centre.


Dr Chongo thanked Maluba Rotary Club and its American partners, Nyampande Orphanage, and the CHAZ for their continued support in health services in Rufunsa and other areas.


And Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) executive director Karen Sichinga asked the Rufunsa District Health director to consider deploying health workers and provide necessary support to the rural health centre.


She said Nyamphande community would be underserved if government failed to provide staff at Nyamphande Rural Health Centre.


“For us this is the proper demonstration of the public-private partnership that the government is encouraging in our country. So, as CHAZ, we are very grateful for this partnership,” said Sichinga. “My appeal is that as you deploy health workers here in Rufunsa District please consider Nyampande because the centre will serve more than 3,000 families. Make sure that we have health staff otherwise this community will be under served, make sure that there is essential medicine.”


Meanwhile, Rotary Club of Maluba in-coming president Alex Chileshe said his club strives on ‘good will’ to serve less privileged people in society.


He said with limited resources available the government could not serve people and attain its health goals.


Chileshe said Maluba’s passion to serve the people of Nyamphande would go a long way as more projects were being identified.


“Our motto as Rotary Club of Maluba is service above self. We strive to serve people who are in most cases less fortunate than we are. We are here to serve the people who are less privileged. We have realised that government do not have enough resources and as such in our own way we put resources together to complement what government does,” said Chileshe.


“This clinic had a thatched roof and at some point the roof collapsed. We received a letter for help from the school. We also asked our friend from America to help us.  The Pocatelo, a rotary club of America, responded with the help US$6,700 to help put up the roof.”


Chieftainess Mumpashya thanked Nyamphande Orphanage president Bishop John Mambo and the health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya for the work they are doing in her chiefdom and urged them to continue doing a noble cause.


She said the renovated clinic would help families in the surrounding area.


The Chieftainess said her subjected had had difficulties in accessing health care services for a long-time.


“My subjects had difficult in walking to the nearest health centre in Mulamba and Mumpashya Hospital for a long period of time. With this I would like to thank you the president of Nyampande Orphanage and the Minister of Health for the continued support to the people of Nyamphande,” said Mumpashya.




Bishop Mambo expressed gratitude to the Rotary Club of Maluba and its partner from America and CHAZ for the support they were giving to Nyamphande community.




He said Nyamphande was growing on a fast rate as the result the demand for health services was also going up.




Bishop Mambo said there was an urgent need of health staff to service the clinic in the area./

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