We’ll remember Lungu’s lies when voting in Roan – LCM ex-miners

(By Charles Tembo in Luanshya)


WE will remember President Edgar Lungu’s lies when voting in Roan, says former Luanshya Copper Mines ex-miners spokesperson Allan Mushota. Mushota said everything under the sun has its time and it is now time to face President Lungu.

“It is a mockery and time has now come. We are looking forward to what lies this time around they will tell us. We had stated before that their lies will catch up with them. Sooner or later, some people are going to pay a heavy price for inducing more suffering on the people of Luanshya. Particularly, this will go on the head of Edgar Lungu,” Mushota said.

“They cheated us that LCM will recall us. Kambwili spoke for us, but it was the President to act. Ministers gave wrong information that miners were recalled. Don’t fool people around because things turn around and you are going to be caught in the net.”

He said there was a lot of poverty in Luanshya as a result of the PF’s lies. Mushota said he had no fear but to state the truth because President Lungu promised to create jobs for the miners after they were put on suspension. He claimed that President Lungu lied to the miners when campaigning as he promised to resolve their problems at LCM.

“This is why people talk and when they talk, you say they are bitter. It is unacceptable to punish your own people just for the sake of gaining political mileage. Things are bad for the miners here in Luanshya and the mines minister [Richard Musukwa] has kept quiet like the Dead Sea,” Mushota said.


He said had the PF and President Lungu been truthful, people would still have faith in them.

“If the PF can be honest and say the truth, people cannot react. But it seems the PF is full of lies and we shall respond accordingly… Mr Lungu will face us very soon. Our hearts are in pain because we are suffering,” said Mushota.

He said the upcoming by-election in Roan would prove the true colours of suffering people. Mushota said the residents of Roan were waiting anxiously for the campaigns to start.

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