It’s unfortunate opposition is opposed to proposed Constitution amendment – PF



(By Isaac Zulu in Kapiri Mposhi)

PATRIOTIC Front Kapiri Mposhi district vice chairman Godfrey Chanda Kangwa says politicians opposed to the proposed Constitution amendment process do not mean well to Zambia.

In an interview, Kangwa said politicians opposed to the PF-proposed Constitution amendment process did not have the interests of Zambians.

He said such politicians should not be entrusted with responsibility of governing the country.

“It is unfortunate that political leaders that form the current opposition alliance are opposed to the government’s proposed constitutional amendment roadmap, even if they know very well the Patriotic Front government wants to come up with a Republican Constitution that will meet the wishes and aspirations of the Zambian people,” Kangwa said. “It follows therefore, that those individuals from political clubs that want to shun the proposed Constitution amendment process do not have the interests of Zambians. People should detach cheap politicking from important governance issues. These people are only interested in serving their personal interests. Such individuals should not be entrusted with the responsibility of governing the nation.”

He also said constitution making should be an on-going process, adding that a Republican Constitution devoid of imperfection was only attainable if it was subjected to continuous amendments.

“It must be noted that stakeholders have been complaining about the lacunas that are currently in our Republican Constitution. And in order for us to iron out these lacunas and imperfections, it is only prudent that we continuously subject our Republican Constitution to amendments,” said Kangwa. “And in responding to those concerns, the PF leadership has decided to embark on this Constitution amendment process. It is unfortunate that our colleagues in the opposition alliance want to politicise everything in this country.”

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