Kitwe DC tells police to avoid alcohol consumption while on duty

KITWE districts commissioner Binwel Mpundu has advised police officers in the city to desist from drinking whilst on duty as it affects their performance. Mpundu said alcohol takes away the police service’s dignity and brings about a lot of indiscipline in the service. He said this in Kitwe yesterday during celebrations of Police Day under the theme “Police and the community – working together in promoting public order and safety for a smart and prosperous Zambia.”


Mpundu said in order to boost the community’s confidence in the police service, the police in Kitwe needed to be well disciplined and should reduce on alcohol intake.


“You must realise that the community and the police need to heighten working together with the public. The residents and the police need to work together and interact for they [public] have a misconception on the operations of the police service. In terms of motivation, the government is working, floodlit, in terms of motivating the officers such as increasing the housing units. About 24 houses in Ndeke have been built; uniforms and riot gear are still being procured so as to motivate you,” he said.


Mpundu said vices such as corruption under the police service shall not be tolerated by the government since they were the ones to help in curbing them. He said any officer that would be found engaging in corruption and participating in active politics shall be relieved of their duties or transferred to villages. Mpundu said in order to maintain law and order in the district, the police and the community need to work together in ensuring that safety and security was not compromised.


He said it was important for the police to create a relationship with Kitwe residents in order to get rid of misconceptions about police operations. Mpundu said with the recent crimes that have been committed in the city, there was need for the police to work hard and assure the public of safety. He said it was saddening that there had been a number of reports reaching his office on the rise of teenage gangs and rape cases.


“For the public to build confidence in the police, there is need for the police to work with discipline and reduce on drinking so as to distinguish pleasure and work. Your conduct must be exemplary. Do not work in a manner that takes away your dignity. And stay away from partisan politics as it will invite transfers. Never remain active in politics and your calling is to serve the government of the day. Members of the public expect you to assure them that they will receive protection against criminal activities,” said Mpundu.

And Kitwe police commanding officer Silas Musenge said the police in Kitwe had increased the level of transparency in executing their duties.


Musenge said this was also aimed at increasing accountability in their operations as well as improve delivery of services to the public.

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