LUNGU, PF TO BLAME…if our country collapses – Sacika


IF our country collapses, the people will blame President Lungu and the PF, they will not blame HH and the UPND, says former secretary to cabinet Sketchley Sacika.

Sacika also says no political revolution has ever been prevented by police or military action.

Commenting on protracted debates by politicians around national dialogue and refining the Republican Constitution, Sacika charged that the “arrogance” being exhibited by the PF leadership over interparty dialogue was difficult to understand.

He said the PF was a political party in power and as such, “we expect them to manage the affairs of our country properly.”

“If our country collapses, the people will blame President Lungu and the PF; they will not blame HH (Hakainde Hichilema) and the UPND,” Sacika said in an interview.

“In 1991 when there was political tension in the country…comrade KK (Kenneth Kaunda) agreed to meet FTJ (Frederick Chiluba) of the MMD under the auspices of the Church in order to iron out their differences. Comrade KK was the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Parliament was a one party institution dominated by UNIP! If comrade KK had wanted, he could have gone ahead to enact a Constitution that suited him and UNIP. But he chose the path of dialogue because that was the best way to go.”

He underscored that a wise man learnt from experiences and mistakes of others.

“There is a limit to which the government can rely on force to maintain itself in power. No political revolution has ever been prevented by police or military action. Therefore, the best way to manage national affairs is through dialogue,” Sacika advised.

“People who have differences must be prepared to sit down and iron out their differences. President Lungu is the President of our country; he cannot afford to allow his personal feelings towards HH to cloud his judgment. President Lungu took oath to defend the Constitution and laws of our land and to govern the affairs of our country without any ill will towards anybody.”

Sacika recalled that Dr Kaunda and Chiluba were not fond of each other but they still opted for dialogue, for the sake of Zambia.

“FTJ had called comrade KK a thief and a foreigner but KK did not allow his personal feelings to cloud his personal judgment when it came to dealing with national issues,” he noted.

And Sacika said it was amiss for President Edgar Lungu and the PF to think that they own the country.

“The country belongs to all of us; the Patriotic Front, UPND, NAREP et cetera. Zambia will be here long after the PF has left the political scene,” Sacika remarked.

“There was UNIP in power but UNIP is now history! Then came the MMD and MMD is also history now. The PF will also be history; it’s just a matter of time.”

Sacika further pointed out that the PF leadership ought to know that politics was an illusion.

He said the only permanent feature “of the game is the Church.”

“Once upon a time, there was a country known as Yugoslavia with a very powerful President, Josip Tito. But Yugoslavia is no more! In its place we have six countries; Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia and this has happened in my lifetime! So, when dealing with national issues or politics, our politicians must always bear this in mind, i.e. that politics is an illusion,” explained Sacika.

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