MMD case will set a huge precedent – Nevers

NEVERS Mumba says the MMD case will go down in both political and legal history of the nation as a huge precedent in respecting the rule of law in political parties.
Mumba said he had been asked by several political pundits as to why they had subjected the MMD matter to the courts.
“They have argued that in a spirit of love and reconciliation, we should all sit together and resolve our differences. Some have gone as far as suggesting that we simply go to a convention and resolve the problem there,” he said.

“I wish to shed light on this matter for the sake of our general membership, and the nation at large in particular the media fraternity. First of all, this case is not about differences. It is about a small group of four people out of the 44 NEC members deciding to disregard the party constitution and position. Secondly, our prayer in court is not the holding of a convention but for the court to determine where Mr [Felix] Mutati and his colleagues got authority to hold a convention in May 2016.”
Mumba, the MMD president, said the MMD case was a matter of precedence setting.
“It is not about the winner or the loser. It is a fight for principle, a fight for values which are necessary for a healthy culture in a free society, adherence to rules and regulations without which order and security will be compromised. This case is about respect for constitutional provisions of any organisation, in this case a political party,” Mumba explained.
He said the MMD matter is neither a power struggle nor a political wrangle but a fight to establish morality and integrity in governance.
He said it was a lesson of how political players must learn how to reign in their unbridled ambitions.
“How to accept defeat when their views are not adopted by the majority of a legally constituted National Executive Committee. It is a lesson on how to accept to serve under a leader you may not like, but is chosen by the majority. It is a lesson of how not to use emotions or egos to fight against a party’s popularly agreed position. It is a discipline that refuses to use money and privileged connections to power to abuse the legally set out resolutions of an organisation,” Mumba said.
“The MMD case will go down in both political and legal history of our nation as a huge precedent in the respect of the rule of law in political parties. Mr Mutati and his group advanced a proposal to NEC through their agents which was defeated by the majority by a margin of 33 to 4. They took great offence at this loss and decided to go against the party resolution and proceeded to convene a convention despite the fact that they were expelled and were not in good standing with the party.”
Mumba said if such impunity was left unchecked, it shall soon poison other political parties to a point where any one disgruntled in PF would have the freedom to go against the decision of the central committee and call for a PF convention and elect himself new leader of the PF.
“The same will be true for other parties. Our fight and patience therefore is not for MMD only but for the preservation of the rule of law and general respect for our own party constitutions. It is a price worth paying. It’s a pain I am willing to endure. To all our members nationwide, the night is almost over. Let us remain calm and respect each other as we wait for the courts to address itself to our matter. This is the Hour of New Hope,” said Mumba.

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