Nyimba cops arrest man who kept coffin in house

A 35-YEAR-OLD man of Nyimba district has been found with a coffin believed to have been used for burying his late mother. And police in Petauke have arrested a man who is suspected to be behind theft of money from mobile money agents in Eastern Province. Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda told Breeze FM that the suspect, Moses Phiri, was initially arrested for stealing a cell phone but later people informed police that they had found a coffin in his house.
Kunda said during the course of investigations, someone reported to police that they had found a coffin in Phiri’s house. He said police found the coffin in the suspect’s house and that it was currently being kept at Nyimba police station. Investigations to establish the motive behind the keeping of a coffin in the house are still underway. Nyimba residents have received the report of the man who was keeping a coffin in his house with mixed feelings. And Kunda confirmed the arrest of a man who has been stealing money from mobile money agents across the province. He said the suspect had been enticing money agents on pretence that he wanted to use their phones for sending money but in the process transfers money to his account. Kunda said the suspect was currently in police custody in Petauke district. He said there were eight complaints in the matter and that police were still investigating the matter.
“Eight people were affected by this (and the amounts involved) range from K1,000 up to K10, 000. There are also a number of complainants. We have to be careful with the way we handle these phones. I don’t see the reason why a booth agent could allow a person operating your phone,” said Kunda.

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