Prime TV has done nothing wrong to warrant suspending its licence – UPND official

EASTERN Province UPND information and publicity secretary Mususa Mwambula says Prime TV did nothing wrong to warrant its closure but that it has all evidences against PF brutality in Sesheke which they fear to be produced in court.

In an interview, Mwambula reminded the PF government to realise that the power they where given by Zambians and monies they have accumulated in a period they have been in office should not excite them to bring Zambia back to one party state.

“Look, they closed prime TV station because it exposed their violence and brutality which they practiced against citizens in Sesheke. The world saw and the citizen watched too! Hence, their major fear is for Prime TV to show more of Sesheke violence as evidence in court and in avoiding that, that’s how they have resolved to close it. Otherwise the station did nothing wrong to deserve the closure,” he said.

“The behaviour of PF is not hidden to every well meaning Zambian and it has reached to a level where one is ready to sell a cow in order to open a media house so that they say and expose brutality and inhuman leadership they have experienced under the PF government. People have lost hope and trust in PF, be it a new promise or an old one, people can’t believe them. All they have resolved is to let PF go and rest in 2021,” Mwambula said.

He further urged the Patriotic Front to be more ready for Sesheke results format in all wards and constituencies across the country in 2021.

He said the Sesheke results should not hurt PF so much as the worse was yet to come in 2021.

“PF should know that the UPND victory in Sesheke is a litmus paper or a sample of what will happen in all the wards and constituencies in 2021. So they shouldn’t be pained with that as the worse is yet to come because people have known that PF likes people during campaigns thereafter they are blacklisted,” Mwambula said.

He also said UPND had all the evidence of corruption, violence and vote buying which PF practiced in Chindwale ward of Katete and Mkomba ward of Lundazi where the ruling party distributed monies to the electorates in public.

Mwambula urged the PF government to sit down and examine its relationship with majority Zambians because currently the government was not with the people.

And the European Union expressed concern over the suspension of the broadcasting licence of Prime TV by the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

It called “reconsideration of this decision”.

“Freedom of expression and freedom of the media are amongst fundamental values that the Zambian Authorities committed to respect under international and regional human rights agreements,” it stated in a statement. “They are essential to sustaining an inclusive, peaceful and transparent democracy. The partnership between Zambia and the European Union under the Cotonou Agreement includes a joint undertaking to promote and protect these fundamental freedoms.”

The US Embassy in Zambia has also urged the government to reverse it’s suspension of Prime TV licence.

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