Army continues dominating judo league

ZAMBIA Army Judo team has continued to dominate the national league after beating Zambia Police into second position with a difference of 51 points.
 In February at the start of the National Judo League competitions, Zambia Army who are the 2018 national champions had beaten Zambia
Police into second position by 46 points after amassing 80 compared to Zambia Police’s 34.
 Zambia Army were crowned 2018 national judo leaders after amassing 811 points compared to Zambia Police’s 333.
Livingstone’s Judo for Fred coach Mama Hamoonga told this reporter that her team which receives financial support from Norway through
Response Network was 3rd with six points behind Zambia Police.

“In the first position as the National Judo League held at the OYDC in Lusaka on Saturday, Zambia Army got 78 points, Zambia Police had 27 and
we had 21 points. In fourth position was Zambia National Service who managed to get 13 points, followed by Central Sports Judo Club with three
points and Meheba with two points, while Sable Judo Club had one point,” Hamoonga said.

She said in eighth position was Ipon Judo Club without a score.
 Hamoonga praised her team for the good performance adding that this was after her team had stopped over in Zimba to entertain women with a judo presentation during the International Women’s Day commemoration held at Zimba High School.
 She added that her team comprised of  Fillet Musonda, who is the 2018 Japanese Ambassadors trophy champion as well as the 2018 best cadet
 judoka, and Thabo Sitali who is also the 2017 Irish Ambassadors trophy champion and 2018 best male cadet judoka.

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