PF, you’ve troubled us, you’ll see in 2021, DP women mock PF



(By Edwin Mbulo in Zimba)

WOMEN from the Democratic Party and PF squared it off in Zimba during International Women’s Day commemoration.

And Zimba district commissioner Elizabeth Kalaluka has called for innovation among women if they want to achieve sustainable development.

During commemoration of International Women’s Day on Friday which was preceded with a match-past from the Civic Centre to Zimba High School, the DP women clad in the party’s pink t-shirts danced and joked with their PF counterparts.

Some women from the DP were heard mocking the PF that they should prepare to leave office in 2021.

“Mwatushupa ba PF, muyo chiboona mu 2021 (you have troubled us you PF, you will see in 2021),” one DP woman told a PF cadre while hugging her and laughing.

And Kalaluka in a speech read for her by Vincent Chibuye, the district administrative officer, said the PF government had provided an enabling environment for accelerating progress towards gender equality and women empowerment through the enactment of the Gender Equality Act No. 22 of 2015.

“This law prohibits all forms of discrimination, especially gender based discrimination…. In Zimba district particularly, government in collaboration with its cooperating partners is carrying out various women empowerment and livelihood programmes aimed at improving the welfare of women. These projects, however, demand a lot of innovation from women in order to achieve sustainable development and make meaningful change in the communities in which the activities are being implemented,” Kalaluka said.

She added that women needed to work hard and show that they could be instruments of innovation and change in order to build a smart society.

“Yes, women can do it without any doubt,” said Kalaluka.

And Response Network’s HOPE representative Amy Kristine Andersen from Norway told Zimba residents that it was time to end GBV and also a time for equality.

She said women in Zambia are under-represented in the areas of mathematics, science and research.

“Gender inequality will haunt us all,” she said.

“Evidence show that investing in women helps uplift societies and countries…we need to recorgnise the value of female leadership at any level and also mentor young girls…it is estimated that over 130 million girls are out of school wide world and the numbers are growing,” Andersen said./

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