Remember to protect your homes, chieftainess Kawaza tells women


CHIEFTAINESS Kawaza has urged women to be proud of their day but remember to protect their homes from collapsing. Speaking during women day under the them: Think equal, build smart, “innovate change”, through her induna Gideon Phiri at Chimusi Primary School, chieftainess Kawaza congratulated women for their hard work in society.

She, however, advised women against practices that might destroy their homes such as excessive bear drinking and assigning duties traditionally considered for women to the men.

“Truly this is such a good day for women, they need to be respected, they need to be valued but to speak from a traditional perspective, let’s ensure we don’t allow this day to destroy our happiness in homes. I heard that today it’s for men to cook for you, sweep for you and prepare a bed for you but from a traditional perspective, that is not okay. Let’s ensure we protect our marriages by ensuring we don’t allow over excitement of this day destroy our peace. Cook for the men, sweep for them and prepare a bed for them as doing so is what is required of a wife,” said chieftainess Kawaza.

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