The court is not a place for political rallies, MMD tells Mutati

MMD deputy spokesperson Peter Phiri says the faction group of Felix Mutati can no longer sustain its lies.

Phiri says there is a lot of desperation from the Mutati group as seen from agents writing statements for the Mutati group.

In a statement on Saturday, Phiri noted that time had run out for the Mutati group as facts were now facing them.

“As a party, we have been quiet because we respect (the) due process (of the law). Mr Mutati is before the court to provide answers on who gave him the authority to organise the illegal MMD convention in 2016. We would like to inform the nation that through our very clear witnesses, we have a well coordinated testimony before the High Court. Mr Mutati remains, in no doubt, as an expelled member from MMD, he had no authority to organise, attend or even participate in a convention of the party, let alone be elected as president,” Phiri stated.


“There is even a High Court ruling to that effect, that the National Executive Committee (NEC) is the only party organ mandated to organise and call for a convention. No amount of people that Mutati ferries to court will stop the train of truth. The court is not a place for political rallies. We are in court seeking justice and order and once this is ordered, it will be time for rallies across the nation.”

Phiri stated that even if Mutati hired a million youths to sing songs for him at the High Court, the train of truth that he “isn’t the MMD president will not be stopped”.

Phiri stated that the hour had run out for Mutati as could be seen by his desperate moves.

“Lastly, we as the MMD would like to trash the hallucinations by Mr Mutati that Dr Nevers Mumba has been trying to meet Republican President Mr. Edgar Lungu to prevail over the MMD leadership impasse. For the record, Dr Mumba is leader of the MMD and will meet with other political leaders, including President Lungu. But such a meeting would never be about the court case. It would be about other national matters. We are completely confident of our chances before the court and we cannot and will never try to fix cases in court another way,” Phiri stated. “It is an insult by Mutati to both the Republican President and the judicial bench to insinuate that they fix cases in such a way. When they had their illegal convention in 2016, the MMD through Dr Mumba didn’t rush to President Lungu but to the Courts of Law. Why should Dr Mumba now want to rush to President Lungu when we have already won the MMD leadership case in the Constitutional Court? We have been awarded costs at the Supreme Court, at the Constitutional Court and at the High Court. It doesn’t make sense to us. We see this as just terrible case of desperation on Mr Mutati and those hungry agents who are living off his pocket.”

Phiri said Mutati should be reminded that MMD lawyers and bailiffs would be knocking on him and his three co-accused for payment of “costs awarded to us.”

“Let him prepare for that rather than waste his little resources travelling to and fro in this country hoping his meetings will give him legitimacy. If they are having problems in their relationship with the PF as Mutati admitted in Luapula that “not all is roses in the bedroom between him and PF’, they should not drag Dr. Mumba into it,” stated Phiri.

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