PF MADE UP OF SCOUNDRELS … President Lungu has been dishonest – Tembo


SEAN Tembo has wondered why a university student should be denied meal allowance by the government when even an inmate is entitled to a meal at the expense of the State. Tembo, the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president, in a write-up titled ‘about leaders and scoundrels: the case of PF’ on Sunday night listed President Edgar Lungu as scoundrel number one.


He stated that before anyone accused him of using defamatory language, “I wish to state right here and right now that the operating definition of a “scoundrel” that I am using on the context of this article is a dishonest person.”


“I know that the word scoundrel could mean different things to different people, and so that’s the reason I had to restrict the meaning for purposes of our discourse at hand. I must mention that it is my submission that the ruling Patriotic Front or PF, as it prefers to be called, is made up of scoundrels of varying degrees,” Tembo stated.

He recalled that President Lungu, in his several campaign speeches prior to the 2016 general elections, promised to put the interests of the Zambians ahead of any other interests.


“But fast forward to 2019, about three years after being elected into office (dubiously so or otherwise), the President, in his infinite wisdom, decided to spend US$68.8 million (approximately K900 million) on a private jet and not just a private jet, but a Gulfstream G650, which is a top of the range private jet,” Tembo stated.


He added that the newly procured presidential jet, which was “the type owned by world billionaires and sports icons like Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and the like” could not be ideal for a President who was presiding over a country whose university students had been deprived of meal allowances.


“That is very disheartening,” Tembo stated.

“I mean, if a convicted prisoner in Chimbokaila can be entitled to a meal at the expense of the State, then why shouldn’t a university student, who is the crème of the nation, be entitled to a meal?”


Tembo stated that at the time that President Lungu was procuring his K900 million private jet, “fully equipped with a bar inside”, the PF government was still owing peasant farmers more than K240 million.


He lamented that as peasant farmers clutched on to the promissory note issued by the PF government, through Food Reserve Agency (FRA), that they would be paid later, the government diverted their money.

He stated that after ferrying all their bags of maize to the FRA collection point and being issued with a promissory note by the government, the peasant farmer finally had hope that the PF government, despite giving him a lousy price of K65 per 50kg bag of maize when his production cost was about K87, would soon pay him and he shall be on his way to go and pay his various and numerous debts which would have accumulated over the past months.

“But as the peasant farmer clutched on to the promissory note issued by the PF Government under FRA, and waited and waited, he was not aware that his ‘caring’ government had decided to spend the proceeds of the sale of his maize, realised from DRC Congo who had paid cash in dollars, to purchase for cash a private jet for His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. For failing to keep his 2016 election campaign promises of putting the interests of the citizens of Zambia above his own personal selfish interests, President Lungu has been dishonest and has subsequently earned himself the spot of PF scoundrel number one,” stated Tembo.


“In subsequent articles, l will be outlining the other top 20 scoundrels in the PF and its government.”

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