Sinda cops arrest man over brother’s murder


POLICE in Sinda have arrested and charged a 26-year-old man for murdering his brother following a dispute over a phone. Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda confirmed the incident to journalists on Monday. Kunda said Wilfred Mwanza, 22 of Chibanje village in chief Nyanje was stabbed to death by his brother Daniel Phiri of the same address.

He said Mwanza sustained wounds to the right side of the neck.

“The circumstances leading to this death is that on March 5th, 2019 around 23:00 hours, the deceased was at the parents’ home when his

brother Daniel Phiri came from drinking and found his brother watching some films on the phone. So Phiri demanded the phone so that he could also see something on the phone. So his brother refused and that’s how they started fighting,” Kunda narrated.

He said because of his drunken state, Phiri was overpowered and left but indicated that he was going to kill somebody that night.

“Few minutes later he returned with a sharp instrument and stabbed his brother. So after he heard the cries of his brother who is now deceased that’s how he disappeared. A few hours later Mwanza was found dead in a ditch in a pool of blood. So members of the public got involved and apprehended the accused, police came in and this man has been charged for murder,” Kunda said.

He said Mwanza’s body was in St Francis Hospital mortuary.

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