Antonio is an opportunist, eating proceeds of crime – DP


THE Democratic Party has accused PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza of being a political opportunist who should concentrate on “eating proceeds of crime” in the ruling party instead of antagonising Harry Kalaba. On Monday, Mwanza branded Democratic Party (DP) president Kalaba a hypocritical politician whose conduct was nauseating. Mwanza was responding to Kalaba’s assertions last week that the PF government was one for businessmen, in it for money and material benefits.

In a press statement yesterday, the DP reacted sharply to Mwanza’s remarks and likened him to the biblical Gehazi “of today.”

“Like Gehazi ran after Naaman to collect a talent of silver and two sets of clothing which were rejected by Elisha, so did Antonio Mwanza run after PF to eat money which is proceeds of crime and corruption.  Thus, he is suffering from leprosy, hence his hallucinations over president Kalaba,” DP national mobilisation coordinator Ian Chapiya stated.

“Antonia Mwanza has no moral standing to open his mouth and begin talking about president Kalaba who has a tested and proven character, a mark of true leadership. Antonio tried to hide his true character but like pregnancy, character does not hide; it has been unearthed. He has never had Zambia at heart; he is simply an opportunist!”

Chapiya stated that it was ironic that the same Mwanza who “a few months ago spent day and night insulting the PF and all its leadership was the one today speaking the loudest and praising the same people he called all sorts of names, simply because of the few coins he has been given.”

“He is a typical description of a kandile (opportunist). Such characters are the reasons why our country is going through doldrums. Antonio should be the last person to talk about DP president Harry Kalaba,” he stated.

“Antonio should concentrate on finding solutions to the curses he is carrying after eating FDD’s funds and betraying Nawakwi, who played a major role in what he is today and obviously after selling his soul to PF.”

Chapiya stated further that Mwanza got a position in the PF which he “never worked for when many who worked for PF are suffering and are jobless.”

“The true greens have been left outside in the cold while those who are in political business are the ones dancing with the higher offices,” he stated.

“When president Kalaba says he gave up his parliamentary allowances to his former constituency, is it a lie? When he says he has never lived in a government house, is it a lie? When he says he refused to collect K300,000 furniture allowance from Mr Sata (MHSRIP) is it lie? When president Kalaba said he resigned his ministerial position because of corruption and theft, is it a lie.”

And Chapiya asked Mwanza whether he had not heard of scandals at the Ministry of Health.

“Hasn’t he heard of the fire [tenders] takatakas scandals? Didn’t he hear of the social cash transfer and many other corruption activities that have been exposed? One can see that Antonio is suffering from leprosy and leprosy is incurable!” stated Chapiya.

“He should just concentrate on eating those proceeds of crime since he is a leper now. Antonio is the Gehazi of today!”

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