East police express concern over number of men committing suicide

THE Eastern Province police command says it is concerned with the increasing cases of suicide especially among males. Provincial Deputy Police Commissioner Geoffrey Kunda says 50 out of 52 cases of suicide that were recorded in 2018 were committed by males. He said the region had been recording higher cases of suicide among the male fork. He said by March 11 this year, eight out of nine cases involving men have been recorded.

He attributed the cases of suicide to financial problems resulting from liabilities, marital disputes, infertility, chronic illnesses, serious crimes and suspicion of witchcraft. He stresses the need for people to open up and seek counselling whenever they were faced with challenging situations as opposed to taking their own lives. Kunda also noted that according to the Victim Support Unit (VSU), most males do not open up when in difficult situations saying but take their own lives to escape their problems when they feel that they could not deal with certain situations. He said most marital disputes that lead to suicide were issues of infidelity and advised couples to be faithful in marriages.

Kunda observed that chronic illnesses and suspicions of witchcraft, especially among the aged, leading to stigma, were issues of concern that also lead to suicide among victims. He advises families to embrace the chronically ill and the aged. Kunda avised those accused of practicing witchcraft to seek police protection.

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