New party outlines ‘grandiose’ vision for Zambia

A NEW political party, the Leadership Movement, was on Tuesday afternoon launched, with its leader Richard Silumbe assertively outlining the party’s vision for Zambia. Flanked by several other Leadership Movement (LM) officials, Dr Silumbe told a packed auditorium at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka that under his government, Zambia would become the production centre of Africa.

He told a cheering audience, made up mostly by youths, that a LM government would make Zambia a “21st century paradise”.

“We, the people of Zambia, have decided to rise up and embark on a journey, a great future for mother Zambia. We are determined to allow nothing to shake us in this mission. [We are] tough like Zamleather and strong like Kafue Steel!” Dr Silumbe said, with his unwritten commentary akin to a motivational talk.

“2021 will mark the end of the old Zambia and the beginning of a new Zambia. A 21st century leadership will emerge – a new government will be ushered in. [It] will be a government that will be open for service 24/7, all year round.”

He said the Leadership Movement would make Zambia a place where people shall dream of great things.

Dr Silumbe added that corruption and tribalism would “have died” and that superstition (witchcraft and Satanism) would be “a thing of the past.”

“It will be a Zambia of achievements. Government offices will be filled by people with four ‘Is’ – intuition, imagination, innovation and inspiration – to make Zambia a great country like never before,” Dr Silumbe promised.

“No orphan will be left to walk the streets in search of food, no widow will be left alone to fend for her family. It will be a government that feeds the hungry, that heals the sick, that comforts those who are widowed and provides shelter to the homeless.”

And Dr Silumbe noted that his administration would transform land into an asset for all Zambians.

“Zambians in cities, towns and villages will own land with title deeds. They will no longer be tenants in their own country; they will no longer be squatters in their own country. Zambians will no longer be displaced from their land by anyone – be it a chief, a foreigner, be it government,” he said.

“Zambia will become the production centre of Africa! We will transform desolate villages into agricultural mega food stores, forgotten towns into industrial powerhouses and parent cities into skyscraper show grounds. Concrete roads will link every home in villages, towns and cities. Nuclear power will light the bulbs of every home in villages, towns and cities. Zambian cement will pave our roads, Zambian steel will send skyscrapers to the skies, Zambian uranium will power our nuclear plants, Zambian copper will supply electricity to the remotest village and Zambian-made electricity cars will fill our roads.”

Dr Silumbe pledged further that under his government, electric cars would be made in Zambia.

“Kafue Steel will provide steel for the electric car motors, copper mines will provide copper for electric car motors, Kapiri Glass will provide glass for electric car windows, Zamleather will provide leather for electric car seats, Mansa Batteries will provide batteries for electric cars,” explained Dr Silumbe.

“We will make Zambia the 21st century paradise! We will re-plant trees at home, along the roads and in all bare land. We will restock wild animals in city parks, in forest reserves and in every 100 metre square private land. We will make Zambia green! Zambian media will go global, bringing African news to the world and compete with Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN. This is the moment; rise up, dust yourselves, roll up your sleeves and begin to work.”

LM national chairman David Kalumba said: “Today, the 12th of March 2019 marks the beginning of the new era and the new ray of hope has just begun.”

“Politics in our country has become tainted, our democracy has become battered and the political climate in our country has made us hang our heads in shame. We need to act now! We need hygiene in our political system,” said Kalumba.

Other leaders of the party that were unveiled are secretary general Brown Sinyangwe and national youth coordinator Chalwe Chandalala.

Before the kingly entrance of Dr Silumbe, escorted by flag bearing youths and majorettes and his staff into the hall, singer Pilato entertained the audience.

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