PF cadres scramble for Youth Day meat, charcoal


SEVERAL PF cadres in Sinda on Tuesday scrambled for meat, charcoal and mealie-meal meant for the Youth Day celebrations. Sinda Constituency PF youth chairperson Gift Ngulube confirmed the development saying Sinda independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo bought a cow, mealie-meal and bags of charcoal to be used for the Youth Day celebration on Tuesday but over-excited cadres on seeing the items started scrambling for the food and sharing among themselves.

He said five bags of mealie-meal, three bags of charcoal and an undisclosed quantity of meat went missing in the scramble.

“What you have heard without, hiding, it’s true. It’s sad that cadres have become over-excited and lacked respect. What happened is that Honourable Kazungula bought a cow as his contribution towards Youth Day and it was taken somewhere for the food preparation,” Ngulube narrated. “Thereafter, I was sent to go and buy charcoal but by the time I was coming I found that party cadres, and not officials, [had] scrambled for the meat. They also scrambled for the five bags of mealie-meal and when I arrived with charcoal in the vehicle, they just came and started scrambling too.”

He expressed disappointment at the cadres’ conduct, saying it portrayed a wrong picture for the district.

“The people who scrambled are not those from the villages but the cadres from within town. The MP wanted those who travelled long distances to have a share but they went back without eating,” Ngulube said. “What if the MP or anyone intending to help hears of this behaviour, how are they going to help us? It’s not good at all and such kind of behaviour needs to be punished.”

Ngulube reminded PF members that their conduct either “adds value to the party or shames it.”

“We are ruling and certain behaviour needs to be checked because it’s either we are destroying the image of the party or building it and [conduct] like this doesn’t build but attracts shame to the party,” complained Ngulube.

But district youth chairperson Pingilani Banda refuted the allegations, saying the arrangement had nothing to do with Youth Day. He said at Youth Day people eat well and there was no beef but chicken. Banda said the ‘scramble programme’ was for Sinda Constituency cadres under their MP and not for the district organisation.

“Youth Day went on fine and if there was scramble for meat, I don’t think it was a programme under Youth Day because at the Youth Day arrangement we did not have a cow. I am told that happened at the Honourable’s home, meaning it’s a private programme,” said Banda. “So even as you write, don’t add it to the programme ya Youth Day. Ku Youth Day vonse vayenda bwino (everything went well at the Youth day celebrations).”

Meanwhile, officiating the commemorations, district medical officer Dr Bernard Chimungu urged the youth to think outside the box by venturing in small-scale business.

“I urge you the youth to always think outside the box by engaging yourselves in small-agro businesses as government chances of job creation are limited. The government regards youths as the tools for many solutions…” said Dr Chimungu.

Youth representative Chisanga Mulenga called on the government to create resource centres and a library in the district to help youths acquire knowledge and skills. She further challenged the youths to be good to their parents rather than bring them shame. The event was mainly attended by children as most government officials were not present.

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