Stop lamenting on youth plight, let’s secure a socialist revolution – SYL


THE Socialist Youth League has called on youths to secure and sustain a socialist revolution in the country. The Socialist Youth League, a branch of the Socialist Party in Zambia, says time for lamenting “our plight and pleading with the petty bourgeois government has long passed.”

Observing the Youth Day which fell yesterday, interim deputy general secretary Kyle Haselsteiner said due to constant inequalities, youths were left with no option but to mobilise for a revolution.

“The success of any socialist revolution is dependant on the existence of an organised, militant and campaigning league of revolutionary youth. The task of the revolutionary youth is to secure a socialist revolution, protect it, sustain it, and to achieve its aims and objectives,” he said in a statement.

“The Socialist Youth League calls for the absolute unity of the working class youth. We encourage all members of the Zambian youth to abandon all prejudices they have and to join the ranks of the socialist youth league. We need to declare that we will no longer be used as political instruments to promote violence. We will no longer promote the agenda of our Class Enemies.”

Haselsteiner said because of so many inequalities youths saw no reason to celebrate their day.

“The poor and working class youth are the most vulnerable sector of the population. We endure the brunt of all social depravity and we are spared no social ill,” he said.

“We live cut off from all social goods and without any viable prospects for common or shared social progress. Our social material condition is one without access to the most basic amenities. Though we are the most influential voting sector in elections, we have been excluded from all levels of governance.”

Haselsteiner, however, said time for lamenting “our plight and pleading with the petty bourgeois government has long passed.”


He called for mobilisation of a strong socialist youth league in the country.

“We have an urgent task before us: we need to build the structures of the Socialist Youth League and to increase the consciousness of the Zambian youth, as well as its capacity to contribute towards the socialist revolution,” said Haselsteiner.

“We reject capitalism, we reject imperialism, and we reject patriarchy. Let us declare on this Youth Day that we are not the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of today.”

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