Govt is weak – CCJP

GOVERNMENT is weak, says Sinda district Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) coordinator David Pontino Phiri. He also says the failure by the PF government to create jobs for youths has made them destitute. In an interview, Phiri blamed the government for tolerating foreign lifestyles which has eroded traditional values.

“Government is weak because it has tolerated foreign behaviours into our nation leaving away our own African morals and practices,” he said. “We have allowed practices that devalue our guide as Africans no wonder we see youths and children disrespect their biological parents or guardians. The respect we were given in the past and now is totally different.”

Phiri observed that political leaders have also destroyed the youths by engaging them in violence instead of empowering them.

“The top leaders are also at fault. We have seen youths in violence, not that they want to do that but some top political leaders are the ones that send them. This is something which should be stopped,” he said. “Let’s inculcate good principles and values in our youths. Teach the youths the right way to go and survive but not brutality to each other. Let’s see how we can empower the youths. Then our nation will have bright and dependable future leaders.”

And Phiri said the high number of educated youths “loitering” in communities does not motivate others to seek high academic undertakings.

“The PF government has failed the youths. We are all witnesses of what they used to say during their campaigns, that they will create more jobs for the youths and that made youths trust and vote for it into power. But now the same youths who trusted and believed into it are still stranded,” he said. “Parents who voted for it for the sake of a chance of their children to be employed are disappointed. We have a lot of youths who are just loitering in the communities with no jobs but with good and strong credentials but the government is doing nothing.”

Phiri observed that there was little to celebrate on Youth Day, which fell on Tuesday.

He said the high rate of immorality, theft, drunkenness and other detrimental factors were due to negligence towards the future of a youth.

“Look at the morals of our youths today. We have educated youths who are drunkards, we have youths who think nothing than sexual issues and unwanted pregnancies are visibly seen. Why? Youths have nothing to do,” said Phiri. “One can say they can venture into small businesses but the question is where will they get the capital? There is need for the government to put some measures that will create jobs if some habits are to be eradicated.”

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