I come with unbearable heat, NDC Roan candidate warns PF

(By Oliver Chisenga and Charles Tembo)


I HAVE come with the heat that will see the PF pack and go, says NDC Roan Constituency aspiring candidate Joseph Chishala. FOUR candidates successfully filed in their nominations for the Roan parliamentary by-elections slated for April 11, 2019. Chishala was first to file in his nomination at Roan Antelope Secondary School at 10:14 hours. Chishala was accompanied by former Roan legislator, who is National Democratic Congress consultant, Chishimba Kambwili and UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and UPND Copperbelt chairman Elisha Matambo.

Mucheleka said the UPND had decided to back NDC as a united opposition front. In an interview after filing his nomination in Luanshya yesterday, Chishala said he comes with a voice just like Kambwili. He warned that as a trade union leader, the PF should be ready to see him in Parliament with “double the heat that Kambwili gave them”.

“I am ready, eager to see myself in Parliament soon and speak for the people of Roan. If you know my track record, I have been a person who speaks for the people. I have been a Mine Workers Union chairman who has been speaking for the voiceless in the mines,” Chishala said.

“I strongly believe that I will manage this task, it’s not something that is questionable. Continuity is the key because my predecessor has been the voice for the voiceless and that’s the route I take as well. Ichalo bantu, without people I can’t be a leader so I have to speak for the people as well just like my predecessor did. I will work to alleviate the people’s sufferings and not for myself.”

He said the ruling PF was not a factor in Roan and that winning the seat was already a done deal.

“PF is not a factor in Roan, this is a turn around, this is a movement for change come 2021 even as I speak they are aware that it’s a movement of change. They should expect me in Parliament; expect a voice like my predecessor, a proactive voice,” Chishala said, an engineer by profession. “This win, come that voting day, will be an eye opener to PF. Actually, I have come with unbearable heat which they will also see in 2021.Whether they like it or not, they have to pack and go in 2021…. I believe in Ubuntu [humanity], about the people I will be leading.”

Chishala, 39, has lived in Luanshya for over 30 years. The NDC has appointed its Central Committee member Menyani Zulu as the campaign manager together with Elisha Matambo, the UPND Copperbelt provincial chairman. Former PF Chimwemwe councilor Charles Kabwita is the deputy campaign manager. Business came to a standstill in the small Copperbelt mining town as NDC and UPND members drove around the central business district soon after Chishala successfully filed in his nomination.

And Mucheleka said time has come to stop the PF from taking advantage of the Zambian people.

“We have decided to be a united front and we have an alliance of the top class. To begin with, we have decided that NDC has a candidate in Roan and UPND in Bahati. So we will support the NDC. But that does not mean we are not ready. We have seen what the PF has done to block the NDC candidates. Even if they play tricks, it will not work for PF. This seat will go to the opposition. We know the PF wants numbers in Parliament so that they can manipulate the constitution. This is the beginning and you will see more of this,” said Mucheleka.

And Kambwili said criminals should be more worried because their time was almost up. He said President Edgar Lungu should be prepared because a revolution had started.

“There is no one under this world who can be clever than the people. This is the beginning of the revolution. Look at the way we have united with the opposition UPND. In Bahati, it’s UPND and in Roan it’s NDC. When the criminal, ba mpombwe come with money, get and remember what you are going through. Remember what we did to Mulubwa, he gave you money but you rejected him. Have you ever see a candidate, a criminal? He is busy sending young boys to steal as DC and you vote for him as candidate, chakana awe,” said Kambwili.

People’s Alliance for Change candidate Mwansa Chama arrived at 11:30 hours to file in his nomination. United Party for Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia candidate Morgan Banda faced challenges meeting the needed 15 supporters to accompany him. After filing in his nomination, Banda said he had already won the election because people in Roan need sound leadership.

“This election, we have won. No need to waste time, the people of Roan need a sound leadership,” said Banda.

And PF candidate Joel Chibuye filed his nomination at 15:20 hours. Chibuye was accompanied by Richard Musukwa, Bowman Lusambo, Kampamba Mulenga Chewe.


  1. Truth

    March 17, 2019 at 11:49 am

    This is day dreaming by NDC

  2. Pascal

    March 16, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Ubuntu e forward yine bane abash to bapompwe

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