Mwamba has always attended NDC meetings – Kambwili


FORMER Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says there is nothing sinister about his son attending an NDC meeting. Mwamba Kambwili last week attended interviews at the National Democratic Congress office in Luanshya. But his father, who has discontinued a petition he filed in the Constitutional Court in which he wanted the Speaker’s declaration of his seat vacant to be nullified, said Mwamba has always attended party meetings and there was nothing strange about it. The Roan seat was declared vacant almost a fortnight ago after Kambwili was deemed to have crossed from PF to the NDC.

“When I say we have adopted this one then I am legitimising nonsense by ECZ and the Speaker. I can’t comment on them. If we say…then we are supporting that… we have agreed with what they have done and we have even adopted a candidate. That’s why NDC has not spoken about adoption,” Kambwili said.


“As far as we are concerned first the matter must be determined by the court…so all these things you are getting is speculation because there is no position from the party on anybody. Mwamba has always been an active member of NDC. Yonse ama meetings nchita address nangu kuli ifintu alasangwa. It’s not today that he has started going for all those meetings. He is the one who provides transport from Mwamona to give them to go uko baleya kuma function yonse bakwete and alasangwa because I have told him to learn the ropes. But that doesn’t mean he has been adopted by NDC or anything. As far as we are concerned me, I am challenging the decision of the Speaker. That’s the current position.”

Mwamba has emerged as the favourite candidate for the seat that his father held for 13 years. Mwamba, director of his father’s company, Mwamona Engineering and Tech Services Ltd, holds a Masters Degree in Law from Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

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