PF are death advocates, says Akafumba

THE PF is an advocate of death, says Joseph’s Akafumba. And Akafumba, a former justice permanent secretary, says Zambia will be worse if the PF was to win the 2021 elections. In an interview, Akafumba, who is NDC vice-president, said PF leaders have a lot of blood on their hands looking at the recent deaths such as that of a fourth-year student Vesper Shimuzhila and Mapenzi Chibulo.

“Your question of how best I can describe PF since the sad departure of Sir Michael Sara, is simple: They are now advocates of death itself. Why do I say this? Look at the huge debts that they have accumulated, these debts are causing poor service delivery in all sectors, especially health. We have a lot of people dying due to lack of drugs and basic health equipment,” he said.

“Instead, they rushed for fire tenders valued at US$1m each…they have removed meal allowances for university students, they killed Vesper, and Mapenzi. So who are they? The answer is simple, death advocate.”

Akafumba said said the ruling party leaders were worse than Judas Iscariot.

“Judas had the courage of trying to pay back the money and he later committed suicide. But for the PF leaders, they are busy getting more money and selling out Zambia through debts. They are not ashamed as Judas was. They will loot us dry and if anything, I see them as fright risks the moment they know that they are losing in 2021. But there is nowhere to hide. We will follow them and bring them and be answerable to the people they betrayed,” Akafumba warned.

He noted that if the PF wins the 2021 general elections, they would not tolerate any forms of advocacy for human rights from civil societies or any freedom of speech.

“Worse they will ensure that all free media institutions are closed. They may even shut down any form of social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook and even the Internet. After all there are signs of this already through the so-called levy on internet calls. Who does this? Only the devil’s, advocate,” he said.

Akafumba, a prominent lawyer and also former Southern Province PF chairperson, further urged Zambians to listen to Chishimba Kambwili just as they did to Michael Sata.

“King Cobra is turning in his grave to see the current state of Zambians and I appeal to Zambians to give a listening ear to CK (Chishimba Kambwili),” added Akafumba.

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