Unlimitedness of today’s Zambian youth has actually degenerated, says Chisenga

GOOD governance activist Gilbert Chisenga says a Zambian youth is still at a cross roads because of uncertainty. In a statement to mark the 2019 Youth Day, Chisenga, who is also former Zambia’s youth envoy to the Commonwealth, stated that Zambian youth could not understand and interpret this year’s theme, Zambian youth, generation unlimited.

“On March 12, 2019, I was in Chavuma, Zambezi, Kabombo, Manyinga and Mufumbwe. I saw a cadre of youths and mostly children assembled to celebrate their day whose theme is ‘Zambian Youth Generation Unlimited’. I tried to scroll up and down on social media in anticipation of reading the interpretation /meaning of the theme but in vain. All I saw were selfies with hashtag Zambian Youth Generation Unlimited! Upon deep reflection, I concluded that very few youth actually could understand and interpret their own theme! Truth be told, the unlimitedness of a Zambian youth today has actually degenerated to be a preserve of the very few elitist Zambian youth from the already wealthy and connected!” Chisenga stated.

“An ordinary youth in Chavuma, Zambezi, Kabombo, Manyinga, Mufumbwe is still living in a Zambia full of very limited opportunities, in a Zambia of great uncertainty! They are still at a cross roads.”

Chisenga stated that the Zambian youth do not enjoy the national cake equitably.

“They can’t enjoy the national cake equitably! How can one explain generation unlimited when the next generation is subjected to grades 7 and 6 learning at the same time in a same classroom, taught by one teacher somewhere on the west bank of Zambezi 54 years after Uhuru?” Chisenga asked.
“How can one explain generation unlimited when most government driven youth empowerment initiatives are a preserve of few ‘Chinja team ukolewe’ aligned party Stewarts? Is subjecting the next generation to feigning political anarchy preserving the next generation? Zambia Youth is a generation of very limited opportunities! Every door that is open stinks corruption, nepotism, favouritism, sexual carpet interviews, political patronage etc,” he stated.
Chisenga noted that developmental disparities had reached high levels in the country.

“An innovation from the marginalised section of society cannot be genuinely supported. Developmental disparities have reached exponential proportions where we now have two Zambias, the developing and stagnant parts! The generation unlimited has been subjected to an environment where their only job is to look for jobs because the environment is not user friendly! Artificial poverty has been perpetuated so as to preserve the said generation unlimited for feigning anarchy in the next elections! The generation unlimited is still slumbering without knowing where their next meal is coming from, unless they cheer leader the political elitists! The Zambian Generation limited must arise from the slumber and create an unlimited generation for themselves in the social, political, economic sectors,” he stated.

Chisenga stated that the youths must revolutionalise their mindset.
“They should not be hoodwinked by nicely coined themes from air conditioned offices and made to deliver well drafted speeches! The next generation needs to revolutionarise its mindset! The next generation must not sell its soul to the highest bidder! #Zambian Generation Unlimited is possible,” stated Chisenga.

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