UNZA workers vow to continue with strike until last person is paid their Feb salary


UNIVERSITY of Zambia workers have vowed not to go back to work until their delayed February salary is paid.

The strike action by the workers has entered fifth day.

Speaking to journalists at the graduation square where members of staff had camped in protest, University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) publicity secretary Gankhanani Moffat Moyo said the protest would not stop until every member of staff was fully paid.

He advised the government to keep their end of the contractual obligation as the workers had done when lecturing.

“Salaries for the University of Zambia haven’t been paid for the month of February. We are protesting right now, urging government to come in and honour their part of the agreement. We have taught, we have done everything that is expected of us but we have not been paid. The challenge that comes in now is how do we get to work?” Moyo asked.

He said workers had no food in their homes and were upset with the delayed payment of their February salary.

“We do not know when salaries will be paid. When we contacted management, we were told that maybe by Friday the grant will be received from government. It might go on up to next week and it is just making our lives difficult because we can’t access health facilities, we don’t have food, it is just a challenging situation. We will continue until the last person is paid. So even if two people got paid today, we will not stop protesting. These people will not leave this place until every member of staff has been paid,” said Moyo.


UNZA lecturers and allied workers down tooled earlier this week.

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