Alliance’s Roan, Bahati cooperation has shamed doomsayers – Tembo


IT’S going to be a long journey for the opposition alliance to have a formal electoral pact where we will agree on a presidential and running mate for 2021 but we are excited that we successfully filed in Roan and Bahati constituencies, says Sean Tembo. Tembo, the opposition alliance chairperson for the media sub-committee, said the fielding in of a single candidate in Roan under the NDC umbrella and Bahati under the UPND was the beginning of greater collaboration for the coalition.

“As the opposition alliance, we are happy that we managed to have our respective candidates file in, that is under the NDC for Roan Constituency and on the UPND ticket for the Bahati Constituency. For us this is just the beginning of greater collaboration going forward,” Tembo said.

He noted that Zambians had cried for the opposition to unite and work together in providing a better alternative to the ruling Patriotic Front.

“Obviously it’s going to be a long journey for us to come to a situation where we have a formal electoral pact and we are able to agree on a presidential and running mate for 2021 as well as various electable positions. We, however, believe this a good starting point because it’s an answer to the calls by the Zambian people for the opposition to unite, for the opposition to work together and combine their competences so that together we can provide a better alternative to the ruling Patriotic Front, which has tremendously failed and the failure of the ruling party is clear for all to see. The people have always looked out for some semblance of hope in the opposition to see if the opposition can rise to the challenge and provide solid alternative leadership.”

Tembo said the alliance was looking forward to stepping on the ground to campaign for the candidates who would win the two seats. He said the alliance’s move to work together on the two by-elections in Roan and Bahati had, by all means, shamed the doomsayers who thought the union would crumble. Tembo said the same momentum that delivered the Sesheke seat would be used to win the Roan and Bahati constituencies.


“This alliance has basically answered that call. The alliance is excited to get on the ground and campaign for these candidates and make sure that we win these seats because we started with the momentum from Sesheke and we moved forward this momentum. As alliance members, we are going to make sure that we mobilise on the ground to ensure that we are able to rally behind the selected candidates and carry the day,” Tembo said.


“We must mention that we very excited with the ability to file single candidates in these by-elections because it’s a clear demonstration that we are committed to work together as an alliance. We have also proved doomsayers wrong, those who thought the alliance will crumble, and we have proved them wrong. This is a demonstration to the Zambian people that the alliance is here to stay; we believe what has happened is a significant step in the right direction. We basically look forward to winning both Roan and Bahati constituencies,” said Tembo.

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