PF won’t win Bahati – UPPZ candidate

THE PF will not win the Bahati parliamentary by-election no matter how much money they spend, UPPZ candidate Clement Mwila has declared.

The 33-year-old sees himself winner of the April 11 vote, which was forced by Harry Kalaba’s resignation as member of parliament last January.

Mwila said the ruling party was non-existent in Bahati Constituency as they had to ferry people from Samfya and Chambe during nominations on Friday to create an impression of popularity.

“They ferried people from Samfya, they ferried people from Chembe and Mansa because in Bahati there’s no PF. Go and tell the PF and their President and whoever that they are not winning. No matter how much money they bring, I am the next member of parliament for Bahati,” Mwila said.

He said he would not be an absentee member of parliament because he was a resident of Mansa.

He promised to lead an all-inclusive development agenda in the area.

“They should expect the best from me as area member of parliament. I will engage them in every developmental activity,” he said.

Mwila, who is currently working on various literacy programmes, said he was particularly concerned about the illiteracy levels amongst children and lack of education, and employment opportunities for young people in the constituency.

He said when voted member of parliament, he would grow the works and bring bigger organisations on board to improve access to education.

Mwila said he drew his confidence from the way his party had collaborated with the people of Bahati in the various projects it was working on.

He said the party had been well accepted on the ground.

And UPPZ president Charles Chanda said the PF should not hold on to positions of power when they could not deliver or improve the lives of the people.

Mwila is up against Charles Chalwe of the ruling PF and Jerry Bwalya of the UPND.

Bahati Constituency has nine wards with 55 polling stations and 43,827 voters.

Mansa Ward has the highest number of voters totaling 10,254 followed by Kaole ward with 7,824 voters.

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